Weekend Friday Favourites

I’ll try to keep this one short seeing as I’ve missed quite a few Weekend Friday Favourites recently. It’s that thing called life, those night naps and YouTube.

Anyways, Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have been making me smile recently or caught my eye.

Aromatica Rose Absolute First SerumAromatica Absolute First Serum

One of the sales assistants in Miin when I popped in a few weeks ago knew I’d be sold with this. 100% vegan certified Korean serum! It’s no secret I love Korean products and this one made with Bulgarian damascena rose oil, I swear this has been a miracle wonder the past few weeks. Initially I wasn’t sold, despite it being vegan as it’s for dry skin, when I’m blessed with oily, acne skin. However, Miin sales assistants know their stuff and the very next day after using the sample I was given, I was back. It’s packed full with antioxidants, softens fine lines, hydrates, smells divine and promotes a healthy glow. I know nothing will stop ageing but any product that helps delay is always great to have in your arsenal. It’s a little expensive, €40.99 but you get 130ml rather than the usual 30ml. Aromatica Absolute First Serum

Bacoa Veggie Burgers

Bacoa’s a local burger chain, using local and if possible organic ingredients. When P was here over Easter, coming back late one night after chair dancing (not that kind) to a jazz blues session we were starving. Bacoa was open and they had avocado burgers! You fill in what fillings, toppings, type of bun, any extras and drinks you’d like. It has to be hands down the best veggie burger I’ve had in ages. And their chips, oh my! It was so good we went back again later that week!Bacoa Vegan Burger


It looses a few points however as, it’s a little pricey, they make their own ketchup (Heinz do an organic one. Why mess with the original) and you have the option of a cardboard burger bun holder, kinda like a pre packed sandwich holder to stack them on shelves as the burgers are that big. To me it’s a waste of resources especially as they pride themselves on being green. I always op no, I don’t need one I have hands. I normally inhale burgers so no need for it anyway. Though it’s chain, each location is different and usually busy even at 12.30am. I really liked the wall plant decorations in the Ciutat Vella location. A great idea to recycle 2l bottles and use plants that don’t require much watering. Bacoa cuitat vella

The city centre location has a blink and you miss it cat in the bathrooms. Graffiti Cat Bacoa city centre

It’s Warm Enough To Run In Shorts First 2016 run in shorts!

Don’t need to elaborate this one!

Salomon Run BarcelonaSalomon Run Barcelona 2016

Last Sunday I ran the Salomon Run Barcelona. A 10km multi terrain run around Montjuic, home to the castle, 1992 Olympic Stadium, Poble Espanyol, the botanical gardens, several art galleries and the Palau Nacional. It’s classified as a hill, but in my eyes it might as well be classified as a mini mountain. I had a blast running hills, the trails, through the Poble Espanyol and the numerous steps stairs. My game was to not stop running up the hills, recover but don’t sprint down them and just enjoy myself. I knew it wasn’t going to be a great time thanks to the hills, but I managed it in more or less my usual 10km time. I think this is because I actually enjoyed the run. Lots of varied terrain, kept me guessing rather than the flat 10kms. It was very well organised with within 10 seconds after crossing the finish line I received a text with my 5km and 10km time. Normally it’s few hours wait. I’ll definitly be running this on again if I can!Palau Nacional Barcelona

Salomon Run Barcelona 2016

First Beach Siesta of the YearFirst beach siesta of 2016!

It was perfect beach weather after the Salomon Run Barcelona, so I stopped off on the way back to sleep off the run and 10k bike ride there and back. I was fortunate enough to get prime real estate! I even went for a dip to aid post run achy muscles. It was freezing! Seriously freezing! I was in and out before you could say my name, but it was worth it!

Animals are just like us

There’s been some more zoo visits. Most of this blog is dedicated to Barcelona Zoo, so why change. More zoo photos?Gorilla Barcelona ZooBaby orangutan, Barcelona ZooRing Tailed Lemur Barcelona ZooOrangutang Barcelona zooGorilla Barcelona ZooGorilla Barcelona ZooBison Barcelona Zoo

Nike Lunar Tempo 2 Trainers Nike Lunar Tempo 2

Running errands counts as running right? I got these on sale in Nike a few weeks ago and been living in them ever since for everything non gym or running. Super comfy and lightweight!

Internet Finds

The Late Late Show With James Corden, Cell Phone Profile, Charilze Theron, Emily Blunt, Chris Hemsworth and Jessci Chastain. This one had me in giggles!

Team Coco. Any Conan O’Brian YouTube clip’s perfect when you need a laugh or cheering up. This Mary Kay one also had me in giggles!

Rescue blind coyote mama, may help save other coyotes.

Armani is going fur free and is joining Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger who are already fur free. This is a huge step in ending the fur trade.

Lucca the Marine dog receives the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross, the highest war medal.

Smartphone app that can help cure blindness in poor countries.

Icelandic Horses, the original Viking horses.

Tone It Up 2016 Bikini Series Tone It Up 2016 Bikini Series

Their 4th Bikini Series starts tomorrow! An 8 week get ready for the summer fitness challenge. During the week I do my own workouts (Spartan Beast Training!) which include many of their moves anyway, Saturdays theirs. That won’t change, but I’ll be making an effort to stick to the bikini nutrition plan that comes with it. They take the guess work out of what to have for meals. They released Beach Babe 4 last Friday, just in time and the workouts I have done from it, they’ve taken it up a few notches. A welcome burst of energy to break night nap funk!

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great week!






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    That veggie burger looks so good! I had to laugh at the Conan clip. Years ago we taught his children. One day I was teaching and saw this creepy guy hovering over our class in a trench coat, sunglasses and a trucker hat. I pointed it out to my husband and he laughed and told me it was Conan. He was a super nice guy!

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      Ha ha! He does seem creepy! He always makes me laugh!

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