Water Likes To Play

I knew it was going to happen. It’s been in the back of my mind ever since a few other apartments in the building boilers blew. I don’t have much luck with boilers. I think it’s because water likes to play and if you know the 5 element signs, metal holds water. I’m metal. In the movie Memories of Geisha, in the opening scene, Nitta’s recalls her mum describing her and her sister, saying she, Nitta was like water; Water can carve its way even through stone. And when trapped, water makes a new path.Water likes to play

The boiler’s kaput. Monday the fuze box tripped, with the ‘kill switch’ off. It wasn’t until later, I realised it was the water heater tripped it. Under the boiler orange water, with telltale rust streaks running down from the top like a mini volcanic explosion. Thankfully thanks to the community solar heated water, I have some hot water (during the summer I switch off the boiler as the sun does such a great job heating the water. Double thanks, we’re on one of the top floors, getting first dibs. the lower floors however, don’t get much of the freebie hot water benefits) but it’s not summer temps to have it 24/7. It’s raining, it’s cold showers, which is great Spartan Race Training. You think you’ve overcome all the obstacles, you’ve done it! You’ve waded swam through mud, streams, hauled sandbags, scaled (with help) walls, you want a nice hot shower. Ha ha! You receive your medal crossing the line, move onto the showers. Cold water open air camping style hand held mixed showers. Even the most buffed up, Spartan ready guys were squealing like a babies. Perhaps it’s the most mentally challenging obstacle of all the race. What doesn’t kill you, make you stronger. And I’m too lazy to decant shampoo, conditioner etc for the gym. By the time I’ve done that I could have showered.

The repairman checked the boiler Wednesday and thanks to the rental agency taking their sweet time sorting it out, Monday at the earliest for a replacement.  My luck with boilers’s the waiting time for repair. My track record is 4-6 weeks!

Anyways, I hope you had a great week! Mine thanks to boiler escapades, went somewhat topsy turvy, but you deal.

Saturday was St Jordi, or Saint George, As well as being the the patron saint of England, he’s also the patron saint of Catalunya. In England it’s just another day, here’s it’s a big thing. Ladies receive a single red rose, guys get books. Roses outsell books every year. My gym usual has a bucket of roses for us girls, no books for the guys! I didn’t venture into the centre, but on previous years Placa de Catalunya and part of Passieg de Gracia is lined with stands selling books and roses. The cats both being boys got me a single rose. It might have been Friday evening, their mama was feeling a little sorry of the last few roses in CarreFour. Did they receive a book? No, neither did P as he’s not here and I can’t remember the last time he read a book.St Jordi Rose

After being sunny all week, the clouds, wind and rain arrived Saturday afternoon. The 23rd was the start of the Feria de abril de Catalunya. Catalunya’s own feria de abril like those held in Andalusia. During the 1970’s many Andalusians moved to Catalyuna during the job boom and were able to continue feria de abrils here. It’s grown even in the time I’ve been here. It’s held at Parc Forum and I remember it was a few marquees, when you get drunk, sing, flamenco dance in your village/town/family tent. A few market stalls and that was it. Now it’s expanded throughout the whole park, hosts huge fair ground, bars, fast food trucks etc. The weekends it’s usually packed (it runs for a month) and unlike those in Andalusia, it’s free to the public. It’s also the only time you’ll see Flamenco dresses outside Flamenco studios here. Flamenco’s Spanish, Catalans want to be an independent country!Feria de abril de CatalunyaFeria de abril de Catalunya

There’s been some runs, bike rides to the W hotel and battling the wind cycling. The wind’s showing no signs of easing up. Sunday Run view

W HotelW hotel Barcelona View from W hotel Barcelona Wind showing no signs of easing up

After Sunday’s run, I came back to the cats idea of snuggling. It’s very rare they get this close unless they’re at the vets.He ain't heavy, he's my brotherHe ain't heavy, he's my brother

And where would a post be without some zoo photos?Gorilla Barcelona Zoolemur teeth, Barcelona zooBear chillin' Barcelona Zoo

The humbolt penguins have a temporary enclosure while their’s gets revamped. They’re currently going thorough their moulting season, so they don’t require any swimming water. It’s quite cute watching them hop over tree roots!

Penguins Barcelona ZooPenguins Barcelona zooPenguins Barcelona Zoo

The ultimate cat scratcher! Ultimate cat scratcher! Lion Barcelona Zoo

Spring flowersSpring Flowers Barcelona Zoo

Hey girl!Peahen and Peacock, Barcelona ZooPeacock Barcelona ZooPeacock train trim Barcelona Zoo

Have a great week!

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