No Irrational Fears Here

I’d thought it’ll fun to do another random thoughts and why things do what they do. So without further ado:

Why is it I can swim in the sea just fine, albeit, very close, 10 meters or so to the shoreline knowing there are sharks out there with no worries. Okay, I don’t swim much out my depth, but put me in a swimming pool and I can’t stop thinking when are the sharks coming. When is someone going to release the trap door and set them free. I’m more scared swimming in a swimming pool! Deep Blue Sea for sure, left its mark. Put me in open water and I’d be more terrified than in a swimming pool. But if I had a life jacket, I might be okay if I tuck my legs up. I’d be useless at sea.

No irrational fears lurking in here?Nothing lurking but irrational thoughts

Why I can’t remember the name of the other shark movie that also makes me think sharks are in swimming pools. Maybe it’s the same movie, a swamp house right by the sea/ocean/ with a shark or crocodile hunting people. I’m sure it’s American and I think it might have taken over humans as a host. It wasn’t Black Water.

Why people use the self service checkout tills (cash desks) with trolleys (carts) piled high when there are plenty of free normal checkouts available. Us with just a basketful or less have to wait defeating the purpose of self service in and out tills. Sometimes they also proceed to do each item individually not noting the more than 1 of the same item scan option. Natalie be nice! Learning new skills keeps the brain young. Remember when you first used these? I think I was kinda excited I didn’t have to queue and I got to scan stuff. Self service checkout whys

Why my right shoe lace always feels looser than the right after a few hours. And why does it come undone when the left lace is fine.

That after telling P about the above, I got a like kid a how to tie a lace lesson. When I tie it his way now it doesn’t come undone or feel loose (grr). The why bit, is now I have to think which way to wrap the second bow bit. Is it over or double back under?!

Why when retying one shoe lace (usually the previously mentioned right lace) at the other that was feeling fine, suddenly wants to be retied.

Why when I’m about to pay, someone has to cut in, ask the shop assistant a question with no regard or acknowledgment to you about to pay. And the shop assistant sees to them before you pay.

When I’m in a rush I get stuck behind the one person who can clearly see I’m in a rush but refuses to move aside, or adjust their speed for one second. Or they look and smile. That smile. I’m polite in energy and asking. Maybe sometimes a bit antsy but still polite in move it pronto please! Maybe they think they’re teaching me a lesson, but please. I got the message long ago about rushing, being late. You think I don’t know that? It just’s never stuck.

Why when someone’s walking in the bike lane when I ring the bell, either looks like what, I can walk here, or gives one of the those over daft smiles while they move, if they move, wanting thanks. Erm, you’re in my lane, you have a huge pavement, it’s clearly marked a bike lane, I ain’t saying thanks. Bike lanes were created to avoid cyclist pedestrian issues. You’ll get a small smile. Really old Grandmas and Grandpas are exempt. But I’m sure they’re working it.

People run in bike lanes. Don’t get me started on this one. I run too, but I don’t run in bike lanes.

Does anyone else use ketchup like say peanut butter on bread? If you haven’t tried it, ketchup on bread or toast, just ketchup nothing else is kinda nice.

Hummus is nice on toast too. Just hummus nothing else.

Why few guys at the gym work legs. Why yes, you have a great upper body, look at those muscles. Now look at those skinny chicken legs.

Why do Spanish and Catalans have to explain things 3 times or more. I got it the first time. Or the gist of it. I might repeat back to clarify, but repeating it 3, 4 more times?

When I’m listening to my music at the gym, I don’t need to keep checking to see if I still have my phone. I know I have it as I’m listening to music on it. But why when I’m out listening to music running errands, sometimes I have to check I still have it. To see if it’s fallen out my pocket, bag or been nicked while the whole time I’m listening to music on it.

Why do people have to ask do if I tan? You’re very pale. Really? I hadn’t noticed I’m ‘pale’. Yes, I do, FIY. It just takes me all Summer, a bit of Spring and Autumn to get a tan most Spanish get in a week.

When I’m pushed for time locking up my bike, I really wish someone would invent auto bicycle parking bays, much like Marty’s power laces in Back to the Future Part II. Put your bike in the stand and it’s automatically locked in place.

Have you got any odd irrational fears? What’s your one why do people do that?


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  3. says:

    Haha! Lmao! Why?? To so many of these things. Andy wanted to take our full cart to the self-checkout. I was like no, this is strictly for under 10 items to me.

    1. says:

      Ha ha! Good for you! If you’re quick and it’s the end of the day I don’t think it matters so much , but you gotta know your barcodes, otherwise it’s all eyes on you and it’s not because it’s a good hair day!

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