Chocolate Fix Tactics

Shopping Friday I did a big faux pas. I got to the shops and I was hungry. As anyone knows, shopping, any kind of shopping while hungry means unless you’ve packed snacks, healthy ones at that, you’re doomed to chocolate. Or at least I am.

It was a Carrefour grocery shop and I left the house not feeling hungry. I did great until I hit the chocolate isle for my weekly supply of Lindt dark chocolate orange and there they were. Limited edition extra caramel Snickers. I could taste them and I wanted one. There was just one problem. They came in a pack of 5.

In the UK and USA you can get anywhere individual chocolate bars of any brand and size (normal, king size, super king size!) anywhere. The first thing I do when I land in the UK is to pop in to an airport WHSmith to hunt magazines that I can’t get in Europe, on Zinio or are just too expensive in Euros (Yep. I’m a magazine addict). What always gets me is the amount of chocolate bars. The isle is massive, bigger than the magazines isle sometimes. Every time without fail there’s at least 3 new bars. In Europe it’s different. The only places you can buy individual chocolate bars are at petrol/gas stations, train station vending machines, tabaco and magazine shops. Even then you’re limited to the basic Mars bars, Twix’s, Lion bars and Maltsters. It’s the same in Spain and Italy. Not good if you’re craving a Cadbury’s Chomp bar. The supermarkets have a greater selection, but in multi packs. Great if you have a family, but not when you just want one and are left with the temptation of 4 more bars.

I asked Paul if he’d have one. No. I left with a packet of Cadbury’s kids white chocolate buttons from the English section (exception to the rule of only multipacks) which did the trick. Over the past few years, I’ve gradually changed my sweet tooth and crave chocolate less. That’s not to say I don’t get cravings anymore, just that they’ve lessened (girls will understand when!). I find I don’t get as much enjoyment from chocolate and sweets as I used to. The after feeling on my body I definitely don’t miss. I get the sweetness I need instead from my diet (vegan, whole food, plant based however your prefer to call it). I find a trail mix of almonds, raisins, dried cranberries, goji berries and pumpkins seeds and some dark chocolate (with orange otherwise where’s the pleasure!) fix the afternoon cravings. Oh and dehydrated mango slices. They’re something else! I can’t get enough of them now we can dehydrate our own at home. This is coming from a girl who up until 3 years ago had to have a chocolate bar a day or else!

I really recommend a few pieces of dark chocolate if you’re wanting to stop eating as much chocolate. After two pieces you don’t want anymore it’s that bitter, good. Even with orange, mint etc, 2 squares is enough!

For a post workout smoothie Saturday, I whipped up from Tone It Up‘s nutrition plan their Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie. Almond milk, protein powder, peanut butter and cocoa powder. After a few sips I released why it tasted familiar….Snickers! Yep, I got my healthy Snickers fix! That’s my kind of chocolate fix!


What are your counter chocolate tactics?