Me Time, Sunrises and Catch Up

It’s been great the past few days to have both balcony doors open. Feel’s like Spring already. I still need a winter coat late afternoon and the heating on in the evening, but only for a few weeks more!

Monday’s sunrise. With the sun rising more north everyday, that means longer days!IMG_5648

Paul was on watch Monday and I got some alone time. After two weeks of hardly being apart, it was good to be among my own thoughts for a while. I’m sure Paul even though on watch appreciated some breathing space. As much as we love being around each other, we don’t mind have a day or two each to ourselves. We’re both more creative apart and as we’re not talking as much can get stuff done! What I’m saying? I like my me time.

After a light workout and the usual Monday house chores it was time to say hello to a good friend. Yep, my bike for some fresh air before work!IMG_5654 Hello there, my steady stead. Haven’t seen you in while. IMG_5655Despite the heating on, the apartment felt quiet and cold without Paul when I got back. It’s amazing how you notice someone’s presence when they’re not there. Normally when Paul’s on watch I have marathon TV viewing of TV shows I like and he wouldn’t be caught dead watching! Not this time as I caught up with blogs from last week. That said I did watch one episode of Hawaii Five-0 that I can’t watch around Paul as I know it’s bad TV. Sometimes I need no brainer tv shows to watch. At the moment we’re both watching The Following, so I need my easy to watch TV shows to off load!

Tuesday, the lift builders were knocking down the stairwell ceiling to install the lift shell into the roof outside. These builders are great. By the end of the day, the lift shell had already been installed in the roof and they’d swept up after themselves. Now they’re installing the electrics, so maybe in a month we’ll have a lift. No more 5 flights of farmers walks! Aj did great with the noise. Normally he hates loud noises and hides under the duvet (not that he needs an excuse), but he ventured out a few times, before deciding hiding’s better. D, took guard in his bed wide eyed staring at the door.

Cloudy start Tuesday.IMG_5676

Morning workout was a strength circuit with emphasis on the hamstrings and back. I reintroduced suspension training inverted rows no problem. Still keeping it low impact for a week as I don’t want to over stress the Achilles more than I have to! Before I knew it, I had just enough time to squeeze in a bike ride before work. If the night before was quiet and TV free, Tuesday evening wasn’t. I got sucked into watching movie trailers. There are some good movies coming out. Finger’s crossed there are English VO cinemas showing them!

Bike ride vistas.

Up early today, but it took some umpf and 2 coffees to get running. I still ran reasonably early and it was a good 7km run apart from my brand spanking new headband kept falling off and hairband kept coming loose. The headband ended up around my wrist and hair went everywhere! H&M, I’m not impressed with your black packet sport headbands! I’d have a quicker pace if I didn’t pause for photos as much. I’m gonna have to work at that. It was such a beautiful morning, I couldn’t help myself. IMG_5729IMG_5761

IMG_5763I’d set aside today to plan classes, catch up on emails, sort out my fitness certificates but today had a Sunday feeling and all I wanted was find the best place to buy Coola suncream, read magazines and Nat Geo’s website. Definitely not work! By the time Paul got home, cabin fever had hit. I needed to get out the house or I was gonna snuggle up with the cats in the sun and try to sleep it off.IMG_5779

Paul’s working up to running a half marathon or half marathon distance again. To shake off cabin fever I cycled while he ran. Today was 14km, which took us to the next town along. He was fast, 1hour 8 minutes and wasn’t even out of breath when he finished!IMG_5794 IMG_5809 IMG_5825 IMG_5833Okay, my eyes are getting heavy, cookies need to be baked, my yoga mat’s calling and I don’t want to be midnight baking. Strange things happen then. So until next time!

Are there any movies you’re looking forward to seeing this year? Do you do any sports or fitness you do with your family?


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