Music to my ears!

My Osteopath given me the all clear to burpee, plank hop, squat jump, be a yogi, jump, scream and shout! Woo Hoo!!! Music to my ears!IMG_0034

So many plyometrics to choose from! Where to start? Squat jumps? Bunny hops? Jumping jacks? From the basics and work up. Just because I feel good, the ankle might not! This also means I can add HIIT workouts! Oh, how I’ve missed them!

Monday’s workout I had to fly through and it was great to work up a little sweat. Keeping the weights around 60% 1 rep max and slowing deceasing rest times. I’m still in the strength and conditioning stage and am so excited I can now amp up my workouts.IMG_8889

Diesel wanted his breakfast pronto Monday and couldn’t wait for me to wake up so started pawing at my mouth. Just a light touch! He’s never done it before and looked so cute his plan for breakfast worked! Sometimes he just jumps paws first on my face. That early breakfast plan doesn’t work!IMG_0021

My breakfast was delicious. I didn’t have time for a morning snack, so I added mango to my usual breakfast. Nom. nom!IMG_8893

After work we went to check out some motorbike shops for a new jacket for me. Let’s just say, for now I’m sticking with what I’ve got. Why motorbike clothing manufactures do you put 1980’s flower style tattoos on the jackets?! ¡No me gusta! They had some cool unisex jackets, but they were too big. They all were! I looked like a NFL player. Safety before fashion, but I’ve gotta be comfortable! I see other ladies with slim jackets and they look good. On me, no!

I picked up a great bargain from the Nike outlet shop next door. Winter running gloves and hat reduced from €30 to €8. Toasty fingers this running season!

Tuesdays workout was a good one. Compound and single leg work. Everything felt more stabile which the Osteopath confirmed later that day. I was concerned that our trip the Verdon Gorge had put back some progress as we were on and off the bike. I climb on the left side and the knee was feeling it (or maybe age was!). After Osteo visits as always, nothing but take it easy for 24 hours. I had wanted to go for a walk in the park as the leaves are turning, but ended up in Castarama looking for shower parts!IMG_8920

P gave me some getting stronger flowers in celebration!

Wednesday still under 24 hour of no workouts, I was up early to hitch a ride with P shopping for the boat. France is very seasonal with it’s produce and I stocked up cauliflower, aubergines and leeks. Like last week, we hit the morning rush hour!

I received more music to my ears. Insoles were ready! This means I can look and touch checking out shoes tomorrow!IMG_8952

With 24 hour restriction lifted and the sun out I went for a 11km afternoon bike ride and a 5km evening run. It feels so great to be more active again. P set the running pace and it was a tough to keep up with him! The pace was an average pre injury normal run but felt like a tough interval run. I’ve been working out but have been unable to do HIIT workouts. This goes to show how HIIT workouts can improve your VO2 Max!

Wednesday bike ride vistaIMG_8965Bike ride find

Post run, my body wanted to relax from the insoles and I wanted to post my news. My body won!

Wednesdays moon rise

IMG_8977Just because: Mr AJ enjoying the sun.IMG_8974

What Autumn/Fall vegetables are your favourite? Do you wish you could get them all year round, or like the fact they’re exclusively seasonal?

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