Breaking Groundhog Days

Short season’s began! If it’s the little things that make us happy then the first weekend of year in shorts makes me happy. The heat’s arrived early this month and as much as I love my skinny jeans, I’ll take summer styling especially shorts any day! Shorts, I can dress them up, dress them down, wear colours, tops and styles I’d only wear in the warmer months. It’s also the start of suncream season. Not just for beach, but running errands, being out and about. It’s a pain, it ruins clothes, makes you a little cross at times, but burnt skin’s never en vogue. Another seasonal worry thing is my moles. Have they always looked like that? Is that a new one? I try from now on to avoid reading magazine scare articles on sun protection and what to look for. Knots form in my tummy and I haven’t even been to the dermatologist for an answer! Which I must book up soon. I worry about them, I go, they say they’re fine. 

 I hope you had a great weekend! For now I’ve I finally broke up groundhog Saturdays! The morning before I left for my mini holiday, I trained at home as there wasn’t enough time to get to the gym. I had so much more time to get things done (duh). The past few months gym on a Saturday has felt like a chore. Once I’m there and workout done, I’m fine. It’s the bike ride there and back. It can be 3 hours. 1 hour travelling in total, 1-1.15 hour workout then, shower. So for the forseeable future, Saturdays training’s a home workout. I feel like I can have a little bit more of a life! I still need the gym as I’m now lifting heavier. I need the heavier dumbbells, medicine balls, higher steps, box jumps, pull up bars (though pull ups and chin ups be done on runs). Workouts will be planned around this!

What did I do with my extra time? Collect a parcel which took up the extra time, the beach and a trip to Forever21. I’m probably way older than their target customers, but if you hunt well, you can find some hidden gems amidst the throwaway fashion. Bikini bottoms, shorts, bags, tanks, cami tops and cotton t-shrits are good finds. I don’t go very often and there’s a reason. I always find something or 2, or 3! 

 Forever21 suprisenly isn’t the city centre but in of the shopping centres/malls outside. If P’s here I smile sweetly for a motorbike chauffeured trip or when I lived in the centre the metro. By motorbike it’s 10 min journey if that. Cycling isn’t much longer, 25mins and it’s a nice ride along the Rio Besos Nature Park. What I didn’t realise going is that the park was actually closed, which explains why I had to lift my bike over the access barriers! Loads of people were doing it, so though nothing of it! Coming back I didn’t dare enter the park. Too dark. I discovered a path that runs along side it heading back. Not many people around but I felt safer cycling than walking. The path was full of surprises. A windmill restaurant, allotments, a porter cabin restaurant/club, few street lights and a well lit graffitied tunnel! That’s what you get when you don’t live near the nicely polished tourist areas!

Sunday*, SundayRunday. 16km up the coast, but the last 5km back, I didn’t want to run. I wasn’t injured, tired, the heat wasn’t too bad, I just wasn’t feeling it or wanted to run. I walked, ran the remainder. Maybe I need a new long running route. Whenever I get to new distance, the run gets a bit more enjoyable as it’s new sights. Maybe I just wanted to have a sun siesta like everyone else! Which I did, later. It was too much of a nicer day to be stuck indoors!  

 Is the season noticeably changing where you are? Poor, Londoner Mr Aj’s not doing very well with the heat. Upset tummy. I won’t go into detail. It ain’t pretty. Diesel’s Catalan. Long summers are in his blood, so he’s fine. Chases the sun, knows all the cool spots. 



*In the UK, we celebrate Mothers Day in March, unlike the rest of the world it appear from my IG feed.



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    Those cats have really got you wrapped around their finger! …ahhhhh paws

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      They like to think they have!

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