What’s In Your Gym Bag?

Last week Charlotte fromtrextotigress proudly showed off her long overdue new super stylish gym bag. It has compartments and pockets for days, comes with an inbuilt yoga mat compartment and is lightweight. The perfect yoga, gym bag! I commented asking that she’d come and pack my gym bag as  I take a few extras with me to the gym. Her first response I must take the kitchen sink (yes/no) and she wants to see it. Here it is in all it’s glory.

 Oh my. And yes I use all of it! I posted a gym bag essential list last year of which not much has changed except photos!

Rucksack. I cycle everywhere, so my choice of bags are limited. Only requirement, padded back, straps and chest and hip clips.

Woss Suspension Trainer. A cheaper TRX. My gym only has one. I take my own, no waiting in line! It doesn’t take up much space and is lightweight. Inside are a few mini bands also.

1 litre water bottle

 Flamingo pouch, bikini. One reason I chose my gym is for it’s terrace. A huge terrace with 2 outdoor pools. If you have a spare 30 mins but haven’t got time for the beach, you can sneak in a sun siesta. It’s great for when it’s warm, but not yet beach season.

 Travel size shower gel, body lotion and deodorant. I use a crystal deodorant  and love it. No white marks, stickiness and it does work! It’s great for feet too.

Business cards. Sunblock. Tissues.

Make up bag (hair brilliance cream takes up the space)

Workout log. I change my workouts every 2 weeks and like using an A5 notebook. I could put workouts on my phone, but I’d be forever taking it in and out my spibelt. Paper works better for me!

 Fold up shopping bag for errands after training.

Flip Flops. My gym has a strict no bare feet in the showers, changing room or terrace. Plastic bag as the floor’s full of nasty things!

2 micro fibre towels. My gym doesn’t provide towels, but you must take a towel on the gym floor, blue towel. Purple towel shower towel, plastic bag for when it’s wet and to avoid nasties from gym bag.

Trainers and Kiehls pouch. I go to the gym in gym cloths and take a change of clothes, underwear and foot wear. Kiehls pouch, change of clothes and gym clothes coming back. A little more stylish than a carrier bag!

    Plastic container. Post workout snacks. Medjool dates, almonds, banana oat cookies. Not featured an apple for the bike ride back.


Ipad. If I know I’m sneaking in a sun siesta, I’ll take my tablet for magazine reading. Through I usually end up reading emails, the news and gossip on my phone!

 In the winter months, my purse (coin purse), keys, phone, earphones, stopwatch, lip balms, pen, hair bands, head bands, workout gloves, spi belt, bike lights and other kitchen sink essentials go in a pouch. Bikini and suncream take up that room during the summer months. To overcome this, I make up in style what the rucksack lacks. A cross over bag just for the gym. I picked this one up from H&M a few weeks ago and it’s been perfect! The purple drawstring bags, are from an Urban Decay pressed powder (don’t ask why a powder has to come in a box, then a cotton bag, like a designer bag. I have no idea apart from detailing) and hold headbands and hair bands, 50 cents for lockers, which I put my jewellery in when working out.

        Does it all fit? Just! Does it weigh a ton? Probably!

 What’s in your gym bag? Rucksack or shoulder bag? What the one piece of essential item you take to the gym? 


  1. That is a lot of stuff but I love how neat and organize you have it! It seems like everything has a place so it is easy to find!

    1. says:

      That’s the theory. I still can’t find things without pulling everything out!

  2. says:

    I was waiting for this to see how it all fit. You must be great at packing because those are a lot of items. Thanks for sharing and the shout out 🙂

    1. says:

      🙂 Everything has to be packed a certain way otherwise it won’t fit. There are some days when I curse it!

      1. says:

        That’s not my strong point. You’re so organized. I just cram everything in.

      2. says:

        It’s organised cramming! I still can’t find things and my handbag. Oh dear. Shop assistants look at me, like you ready to pay now as I’m fishing out my card!

  3. says:

    So many things! I Can;t get over all of that fitting in there. This is def a Mary Poppins bag, lol I don’t know how you did it. 🙂

    1. says:

      Tell me about it! It takes some arranging. Everything has to in a special order otherwise it won’t close!

  4. says:

    Ok, your blog totally disappeared from my reader (again)! Your gym bag is much more organized than mine. I keep 1 plastic bag for clothes, and another for shoes/shower flip flops. I’m so classy… 😉

    1. says:

      So classy! Carrier plastic bags. What would we do without them!

      As for the refollow, I blame having too many tabs open, go to close, click unfollow by accident. I’ve done it many times. Then there’s blogs I follow, who post but don’t appear in my reader.

      1. says:

        Yup, I think you’re right… that, and my fat fingers 😀

      2. says:

        When it happens to me, I blame bad layout design. Not my eye and coordination.

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