Weekend Friday Favourites

I hope you’re having a great weekend! As I missed last week’s Weekend Friday Favourites being tired from the Maori Obstacle Race, I’ll keep the chit chat to a minimum…Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye this week. 

Zoo Market

Cycling to the magazine shop last Saturday I cycled past Zoo Market, a pop up market featuring local designers at Estacio de Franca so I had to drop by on the way back. I’m glad I did as I picked up some pretty jewellery. Nearly every pop up I go to, my collection keeps growing!

Turmeric Plant

I’m not a fan of purple however the purple flowers at Herbs caught my eye on the way to the Dermatologist. As I got the all clear with my moles, the flowers were coming back with me and they’ve been brightening up the place ever since. I’m hoping it likes me and I’m able to look after it without killing it. Some plants I have that effect with. And don’t forget to get your moles checked out annually!

The pretty Herbs florist

First Day of Summer/ Summer Solstice Sunrise

Summer Solstice Moon

The sun was hot on it’s heels. Jupiter was out too.

Healthy Looking Hair 

For a few days. Pas Pelo Arte Sano peluqueria worked their magic for an hour and 30 minutes as I tied in a cut with some summer solstice magic! I’m hoping the sea doesn’t destroy it much this year. OWay whose products they exclusively use are good so I think this year with additional coconut oil and macadamia oil over night masks I should get away with it. Does anyone else dislike selfies and smile lines?!

AJ and D

Just because. AJ’s hair on his back legs is growing back now the medicines that caused it are out his system and he’s back to his usual self. D’s been a great brother and knows where every single cool spot is now it’s summertime hot.

Beach Pigeons 

They usually find me, parade, ask for snacks. Yes, I take bird seed to the beach just for them. They’re currently on fancy parrot feed. And yes it’s good enough for fussy pigeons.

Zoo Pics

When does a week go by when I don’t go?

Lion cub’s now a teenager, looking more and more regal each time I see him. If you look closely he’s still got his cub spots. 

I’m not sure if the flamingo was unwell or it was some sort of flamingo courtship, but it was cute all the same as one kept gently head butting the other.


House Plant Flowers

I’m not sure what’s happened this year. Most of my balcony plants are happy and flowering. Even the hibiscus is looking better this year. That might however have something to do with me blocking it off from Diesel. I even had to block off the strawberry plant as he started on it’s leaves when I didn’t get him breakfast in time. Even the spider plants and lemon balm are flowering.

Front Plate Raises

5kg front plate raises with a big kickass looking 5kg burn. In the good way. Targeting the shoulders, mostly the delts, they also work the back and abs, making them great non machine exercise to target those muscles. Starting with the plate in both hands in a neutral grip with arms extended down by the waist/hips, raise the plate to shoulder height and lower. If I’m feeling mean, I add a squat, performing a squat as I raise the plate. They’re worse, in that why am I doing this, it burns so much in the good way. Men’s Health rates them easy. Maybe until the last few reps!

Jackson Galaxy Mixed Twisted Kicker 

It took the boys, mostly Diesel 3 months to destroy it. They have 2 Kong Kickeroos that after 4 years or more are still going strong. There’s a reason why I prefer Kong toys and a reason why the cats preferred this one. This one’s more fun.

Sephora El Triangle

Empty as everybody was celebrating St Joan

Is open after the refit! It’s even bigger than before and it’s the largest Sephora in Europe. New brands, customise your perfume bar, dry hair bar, a pharmacy brand section and loads more. There’s even a slide from the entrance down!

Beach Runs

Beach runs are getting earlier thanks to the heat which is a good thing as I was getting too lazy getting out to run. The reward running early, less crowds and a pretty looking sea.

Internet Finds 

A lot of BBC finds as I haven’t had opportunities to check out Nat Geo etc

Koala’s ‘face extinction’ in parts of Australia. BBC News

South Korea’s new presidential pooches, and why they matter. CNN Finger crossed it works and the dog and cat meat trade stops.

Arizona heatwave. Strange consequences of extreme heat. BBC News

What you can learn from Einstein’s quirky habits. BBC Future

A woman’s world for South Sudanese refugees. BBC News

Fin – the secret Facebook group of Nigerian women. BBC News. As much as I don’t like FB, this is a positive FB aspect.

Hawaiian Hokule’a canoe makes it around the world. BBC News

Hanok traditions inspire modern Korean Design. CNN

Why men can’t wear shorts are wearing skirts instead. BBC News. I’d like to know why it’s easier for men to wear skirts and get change made quicker for wearing shorts to work, than it was for women to acceptably wear shorts and trousers in society. I know the answer, but hey!

Salma Hayek dog’s love cake, Ellen Show.  YouTube

I love how she’s so down to earth. She’s married to perhaps one of the richest men in the fashion world aside from the Zara/Inditex founder and still keeps it real. I was giggling away as she recounted to Ellen her dogs love of cake! She was fantastic too on Graham Norton recently.

What’s been making you smile recently? Have a great week!

Maori Race and La Roca Village

Last Sunday we ran the Maori Obstacle Race, a 7km obstacle race 35 minutes just out the city in Aria Natura. It wasn’t my best run. I was tired, my performance showed. That said I’d love to go back, trail bike along their trails and take up their zip lines, bouldering and slack lines and adventure park!Image source: Maori Obstacle Race Facebook

We got there just in time to collect bibs, chips that looked like ankle monitors and drop our bags off. Bibs were unique, temporary tattoos (more…)

Do Something Everyday That Scares You

Happy Summer!

The season I’ve been waiting for is here! Carefree days of less layers, the early morning buzz of a hot day, hazy afternoons, peaches, for now still longish days, people a little happier and of course beach season! 

The heat arrived last week. No warning of a few in-between days, it’s like someone switched up the thermostat. Which was perfect as this past weekend was kinda action packed with an afternoon at PortAventura World Caribe Aquatic Park and Sunday’s Maori Race’s 7km obstacle run through shaded woods. (more…)

Why I like Instyle Magazine

April’s and May’s 2017 covers of US Instyle magazine made me happy. April’s featured Victoria Beckham and with May, Amy Schumer. 2 ladies with 2 totally different body shapes and age. Victoria Beckham gives us thinner lipped girls hope in a social media world of plump lips and lip injections. Amy Schumer proves you don’t have to be a haute corture runway supermodel to be on a cover of an international fashion magazine. Confidence and beauty at 20, 40 and 30

For as long as I can remember I’ve been an US Instyle magazine reader. I don’t think I’ve missed an issue since 2003. I was so happy when I found my then local kiosk sold it in Spain when I moved here. (more…)