June 2022. Warm Spring Part 1

Just like that 3 months of summer have passed! How was your summer/winter?! It’s crazy to think we’re closer to the cold February of next year than the cold February of this year and it’s still around 28C. There’s a 20C temperature drop to come. Brrrrr.

So many parakeets were nesting this year

Summer this year went way too fast. It was hot, not 40C hot unlike some parts of Spain. I read somewhere time goes faster as an adult as we’re not learning or experiences new things like when a kid. Time as a kid goes so slowly as kid’s world are constantly in a state of new things. I didn’t learn anything new this summer apart from finding a new snorkel place and attempting myself to redesign my blog. It’s tedious, but I’m learning copy and paste code, customising themes.

After a lot of erming and arghing I adopted a kitten! It’s been 3 years since Aj and D said their respective see you laters. I wasn’t sure if I was ready, however I think Aj planned it. On his see you later anniversary this year I got a mug with a cute cat on. Bonus it was on sale at the checkout. Then around his birthday I cycling to climbing I thought someone was going to go here’s a cat, you want it? I got chatting with a girl who I’ve only said hi a few times about pets and life. She said her cat had kittens the week before, you want on? I was so tempted, more so as one was black. Sadly the black one died and I debated for about a month if yes or no. I ended up meeting them and said yes to a Reddit standard issue cat boy. Food was a major issue. I’m vegan and I had a hard time giving AJ and D chicken their last few years. Cooking it, touching it. Deciding to walk through the Born instead of cycling I refound Suara Foundation a cat foundation that helps street cats (sadly the shop has now closed down). I when in for advise and found out the owners and vet are vegan and give the cats meat. I decided to go for a fish diet and said yes. He’s actually a girl and yes the energy is different. She’s cute when not being naughty, but she isn’t really naughty unless she isn’t getting enough attention. She’s not real trouble, fascinated by water and is learning harness, lead/leash walks down the corridor.

Meeting Koa for the first time

June was hot. Hotter than usual and I was more than happy to be in just shorts, a top and in the sea. When it’s hot and humid the only thing that works to cool you down is salt water and that’s where I’ve been most afternoons for an hour. This girl loves the sea.

Mullets, I think
Striped Sea bream
Gentle wave ripples

June I found out Ducati do fold up ebikes. 

Baby flamingo chicks had hatched at Barcelona Zoo!

I feel like I’m being judged. No photos!

Parakeets loved the puddles for baths. 

The contrast in day heat to night heat as it wasn’t yet hot at night created magical sea mist that rolled in along the mountains and coast.

Merman Graffiti. Sadly someone tagged his tail. 

I have no idea if this is a knitting tree club thing or a lost found item placed for the owner to find. 

Orangutan art at Barcelona Zoo

Diagonal Mall closed down shop fronts highlighting plastic pollution the sea. 

The bottom half was decorated with plastic waste.

Full and empty kegs from just one stage at Primavera Sound! 

Sunrises over the sea. Towards the summer solstice the sun rises behind the mountains.

Sharma Barcelona Climbing extension  

The ducklings that made it. This year there were more goslings than duckings at Parc de la Cuitadella.

The pond filled quickly with algae. New inhabitants this year were crayfish.

Walking through El Born

Building along Via Laietana

Old lightening rod? Regencia Colón hotel now closed.

Dawn over the mountains

Almost full Strawberry moon

Can you see it? Now when the light’s right cycling past I can’t unsee it!

I think this was for end of year sports day. The cones brightened up my run weaving in-between them.

What do you see part 2? I see a sheep head.

I stumbled across the House of Giants. A lot of traditional Catalan celebrations feature giants. I didn’t go in as it was closing time and just got this photo before the shutters rolled down.

To me this a joke. Garnier way back when, never thought not to test on animals. They were one of the biggest animal testing companies around. Now it’s EU law not to test on animals and the public demands more vegan and greener options of course they cash in. They’re still won’t get my money!

So many magpies with elephants at Zoo Barcelona!

For more under the sea photos please check out the Animal Kingdom tab in the menu. I’ll be chronologically sharing the photos over the autumn fall and winter!

How was your summer? Or winter for those in the Southern Hemisphere about it enter spring. I won’t like I’m jello warmer weather’s coming your way. Look after the sunshine when it comes!

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