Spitting Caves, Oahu, Hawaii

After a quick stop at Lania Lookout we headed to a sunset spot Spitting Caves, also known as China Walls. Caves in the cliff spit out the water as the waves crash into them. It’s literally a run down path between two houses that looks like it’s probably a pee alley. You go down a steepish dirt path that opens out onto amazing ocean views and rocks. It was already getting busy with sunset watchers and whale watchers when we got there. P later commented that in the USA people actually stop to watch the sunset. This was more so along the Big Sur, but then you have to stop and watch the sunset along the Big Sur. If I can I like to watch the sunrise to sunsets.

I was more incited by the rocks and the water hitting and swirling around the rock face. So many red layers that contrasted with the blues. I didn’t notice until looking at the photos there’s a rope ladder and a rope to get down to the rocks. Or for after Google images, climbing back up after cliff diving. I didn’t know at the time it was Spitting Cave. Now it clicks the beautiful swirling sea ocean patterns. I can never get used to call it the ocean. I’m used to sea. 

As I wanted some p&q I sat away from the main crowd on naturally worn away stone that was like a seat. Filled with warmth from the day and for stone comfy to sit on. It was an in memory of seat. I can see why they came to watch the ocean and light. Or perhaps he was a cliff diver who lost his life living it full cliff diving. There was also a rescue ring with Lei so I’m hoping this place has some good juju! Flowers are normally placed where people died or they are in Europe along roads. Or maybe it was an ocean offering.

Lumahai Street
Path down
The view that greets you

The houses were amazing. They must cost a bomb to run and fed up with tourists tramping everywhere for the views, but amazing nonetheless. And sh*t in a storm so close to the water. I’m sure Hawaii like everywhere else has it’s problems, high rent, high living costs, dependency on tourism (which shows in a pandemic like now), unemployment, gentrification, at times limited to what you can do but an upside must be the being on a beautiful island that has a bit of everything: wilderness, city, being able to be in the water all year round. 

The rocks and cliff face

I didn’t notice the girls until editing!

Please excuse the quality of some the photos and the amount. I’m a bad editor! I’m working on shutter speed and these were taken earlier this year. I hope I’ve improved since then! 

The blue! Probably my favourite shade of blue. Why? It’s a bright, energetic, full of life shade of blue

The sunset!


Hawaiian Moon, yet the same moon all over, like maybe how the water crashing the rocks had once been a water droplet on the other side of the world


  1. says:

    Those rocks are amazing but scary! I don’t like heights, and all I could think when I saw those girls sitting there was what if they fell? I also thought watching the sunset is nice, but then you have to climb back up out of there in the dark. I guess I’m not adventurous, young or brave anymore!

    1. says:

      I didn’t get too close to the edge! It was a little scary. Most of it was quite flat with natural seats. The path to it wasn’t long, 1 minute walk. You can always take a headlight/torch/flashlight or use your phone getting back. Sunset photos are always dark than the natural light or for me they are. That said I wouldn’t like to go when it’s rainy!

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