I’ve made the switch! All non gym leggings are in summer hibernation, shorts are in!IMG_9013 (1)

One of the few photos of me in shorts, that aren’t running shorts. Taken at the Acropolis 2015.

I’m always conscious at the beginning of short season. Pale legs, a little veiny thanks to genes and from when I was under a 6 week osteopath no exercise ban a few years ago for achilles issues. When the ban was lifted my knees and quads itched so much during workouts for the first few weeks as my body got used to working out again. The glamorous tiny red veins are from when the blood flow was adjusting back forcing the capillaries to pop to the surface. Not some thing you read about during rehab.When they have a bit of colour, you don’t notice them as much. Runner’s itch is sometimes what it’s also called. But I don’t look at the back of my legs much, so whatever. Don’t like it, don’t look is my attitude to those behind. I’m happy in shorts, my legs are strong. They carry me through runs, burpees, squats, cycling, yoga, walking, box jumps, the list goes on. They look good in shorts, so I’m not letting a few veins deny me not wearing what has to be perhaps my favourite item of clothing. Okay.

Anyways, I hope you had a great weekend! I’ll leave ya with some photos of the past few days.

Friday run view with a refreshing cool down. IMG_8895

Exploring part of the Dreta de l’Eixample Friday. One of my favourite parts of the city to walk in, it always has surprise alley ways and side streets waiting to be explored. I don’t go often but now Missha’s located there I do. Along Rambla de Cataluyna there’s one building with butterfly railings. I thought this was the only building in the city to have them, but to my surprise a few more are found around Eixample. IMG_8922


I did well in Tiger considering flamingos are their summer 2016 theme. The cats have a new green flamingo place mat, with my make up brushes in a yellow flamingo tin. I might like flamingos.  IMG_8913

Saturday was quiet. No gym, Tone It Up workouts and to break groundhog weekend, the zoo instead of a Sunday. Oh My! The weather had been touch and go sunny or rain all day, so I had the place virtually to myself.

Dance off. 3 peacocks, 3 peahens. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Mama got us high on catnipIMG_8926

I had wanted to run early Sunday as it was predicted to be 27C but well, I ended up running early afternoon. The wind was back, so thankfully I didn’t melt. It whipped the sand at the beach later and I carted 1/2 of it back in my hair, wondering what sandy conditions my current sun block was tested in. It claims to be sand resistant. My …. .IMG_8957

Clouds moved in late afternoon IMG_8996


Monday, 10 minutes into training my client, a gym monitor comes up explaining new gym rules. From today (Monday), no non gym employed trainers are allowed to train their clients in the gym. I can understand now they’re all fancy pants with the facelift but I would have preferred they told me perhaps after my clients session, not 10 minutes in as it left a bad taste. No worries we came up with a temporary plan. Change time and train outside.

What’s your favourite item of clothing? Summer clothing hang up? Happy Summer’s nearly here or prefer icy winter?  Have a great week!