Under The Med Sea. First Snorkels Summer 2023

I’m back in the water! My summer obsession is back: being in the water as much as possible to see the fish!

Out of focus seaweed. I like it!

As always I think each trip is going to be rushed which I’m hoping I can sort out not to be. Friday was my first snorkel and the water was freezing! 20C! I managed 10 minutes as I was being to get cold and didn’t want the risk hypothermia. It was also nearing the end of lifeguard cover. I hadn’t been in the water for nearly 9 months so I wanted them around. It was all good.

Two banded sea bream/Diplodus vulgaris

The water visibility wasn’t great. I wanted to increase the brightness like on screens! I couldn’t and it was a little frustrating. My subsequent snorkels this weekend were time limited too with low vis so I haven’t been able to enjoy it was much as I’d like or play around with camera settings. I’ve come to the conclusion those who take amazing photos with Olympus Tough 6 have housing, lights, dive, can anchor themselves to hold the camera steady or are in crystal clear waters. So I’m disappointed with most photos I took. To be honest I think it would be better to get housing for my phone and go with that if snorkelling. Summer sales are soon😃 The beach I go to is relativity safe but I still worry if I’m gone too long from my belongings. I could get a float bag, but I’m already a pack horsewith the extra beach stuff (I run errands after). Plus I can’t always see the screen with the light. Excuses! 

White sea breams/Diplodus sargus

More importantly any changes to the rocks? Yes! The seaweed and Peacock’s tail/Padina pavonica have recovered from March 2022 storm. The fish are bigger and a lot more either female Peacock wrasses/Symphodus tinca or Symphodus ocellatus (they can look similar) looking big. I started seeing them in late August last year. Huge Rainbow wrasses/Coris julis, huge sea breams, big damsel fish and I even saw a Black goby/Gobius niger

I’m not sure if this a female Peacock wrasses/Symphodus tinca or Symphodus ocellatus. They look similar. Saw a lot more compared to last year and they were bigger too!

I’ll be documenting as much as possible the fish, weekly if possible here on natjtan. I’m sharing videos of the fish on my Instagram too. I’m having fun editing, finding music (the hardest thing!) and sharing them! Please follow for under the sea adventures this summer! 

Peacock’s tail/Padina pavonica. They have recovered after March 2022 storm. When they’re abundant it means there’s a medium to high grazing density: more fish!

Male Rainbow wrasse/Julis coris. Last year I only saw females and every pale yellow I think male ones. This weekend several big green male rainbow wrasses!

Above, female Rainbow wrasses/Julis coris. Below the wrasse I can’t ID! I think a female Peacock wrasse/Symphodus tinca.

Rainbow wrasses and a Two Banded sea bream/Diplodus vulgaris

I think White sea breams/Diplodus Sargus

Blurry Damselfish/Chromis chromis. I saw very few at this spot last year. Occasion clouds swimming by and one solitary one. These ones are bigger too!

I have no idea which seaweed. All I know is that it’s recovered. The storm last year covered the rocks in the surf zone at the middle of the beach. Previously those rocks were covered in this seaweed, so I presume the seaweed by the groins/beach dividers also took a beating.

This is a new to me fish! I didn’t see it last year. It froze when it saw me. I think it’s a Bucchich’s goby/Gobius cobitis. I can’t pinch and zoom in like screens 😂

I’d washed my hair that day too. I managed to avoid swimming in it.

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