Hedgehog Moment

Something magical happened last week.

I saw a hedgehog! 

In broad daylight! 

With it’s little long leg sticking out behind I though it was a rat.

Wait, it’s too flat for a rat! 

It’s too slow to be a rat!

Could it be…

Are my eyes okay?

…A hedgehog! 

In daylight! Is it okay?

Google says it is. 

No signs of distress. 

Maybe it’s mama leaving her nest for breathing space.

It’s so cute! 

Hedgehogs can jump curbs! 

It’s looking at me!

I think it can hear me screaming inside it’s a hedgehog! 

Bye hedgehog into the undergrowth! 

That day wasn’t going as I wanted. I left late having wanted to get to the Zoo earlier for some peace and quiet, greenery, not to rush around it 30 minutes before closing (where else do I go?!). If the day had gone as I wanted I would have never had moment with a hedgehog. Sometimes there are reasons I’m running late which, okay, is all the time. Sometimes if I had been on time there are so many things I would have missed, people I hadn’t seen in a while, got a cat, met new friends, missed an accident, got the bargain I wanted, saw something I wanted or something that happened that I would have never had seen or done if I had been on time. Maybe I am on time, just not on linear clock schedule.

Thank you for stopping by.

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