Beauty Finds: Sioris Calm Me Down Cream Review

Welcome to another edition of Beauty Finds! The edition features Sioris Calm Me Down Cream formally known as Stay With Me Day Cream. 

In previous Sioris reviews I’ve mentioned that I like Sioris ethics. They put nature first, use natural ingredients, many seasonally grown, are part of 1 for the Planet and Cosmos Organic certified. Many of the products I’ve tried are now repeat buys. Their Fresh Moment Cleansing Oil is the best! Read on for my Beauty Finds requirements or skip a paragraph for the review. 

I have a few requirements when it comes to beauty products: cruelty free, natural, clean, vegan better. I do my best to avoid nasty ingredients such as SLSs, parabens, PEGs, silicones, etc. Petrochemicals are the sneakiest with so many derivatives and aliases. I also avoid palm oil and it’s derivatives as I prefer orangutans. Coconut oil marketed as the good oil, I’m also cutting down on as it can be just a damaging crop as palm oil. If I do get products containing palm or coconut oil I try to get organic or sustainably sourced. With make up it’s a little harder so I go for cruelty free brands. I prefer products with less plastic and thankfully more brands are aware consumers don’t want unnecessary plastic (or governments are telling them less plastic). My skin type’s oily sensitive, acne prone and now wrinkles. I know nothing stops those lines, but if I can delay them then….

Sioris Calm Me Down Cream

Omija (Schisandra Chinensis) extract hydrates the skin while Calendula extract and Mugwort extract help to calm sensitive skin.

I started using Sioris Calm Me Down cream back when it was Stay With Me Day cream and their night cream, Deep In A Barrier Cream (love that cream!). They were at the time of purchase the only natural ingredient creams I could find in Miin Cosmetics. I know, I can use non kbeauty skincare! I find Kbeauty mid range brands just work. They are on the expensive side, €34.95, 50ml so it was a gamble to buy both and thankfully the gamble paid off. I get them in the sales and have to be quick as they sell out fast! 

I’ve been using both creams for about 3 years give or take. The sales assistants assured me that last October I think, while there wasn’t product formulation change along with the name change, Calm Me Down isn’t the same as Stay With Me formulation. I know depending on the season when products are produced, some ingredients differ. This is why some ingredients maybe different depending on when you purchase them. I haven’t noticed a difference in quality or how they work.

That said, I noticed that Calm Me Down does have different ingredients and it wasn’t just for 1 bottle. It felt like a whole new product. One, being the first ingredient, Prunus Mume Fruit Water (63.9%), which I think was its secret hydration ingredient. Prunus Mume Fruit Water is amazing humectant, helping hydrate skin. This is absent from in Calm Me Down. It’s very hard to find a good clean ingredient, natural ingredient cream that isn’t too freak out can’t use this ingredient if you get me so I stuck with it. The new formulation I noticed isn’t as hydrating and stings due to lavender. Even though lavender is one of the last ingredients. I’m not a huge lavender fan. Thankfully the scent dissipates quite quickly. While I had breakouts, I know it wasn’t from this cream. The texture also feels more lotion than cream since the reformulation.

I found it very interesting that the import label has a slightly different ingredient list order to the original ingredient list as in the previous photo.

It’s on the higher end of mid range in price, €34.95 for 50ml and lasts about 3ish months used in the mornings. The bottle is an airless pump, like Deep In A Barrier cream. Al the product is pumped out until the end, bar 1 day’s application. The bottle is plastic, carton I think recycled cardboard and printed with soy ink. 

Do I recommend? Yes and No. I’m continuing to use it until I can find a better day cream. I preferred the older formulation which was for me more hydrating and less lavender fragrance which also stings. I’m not sure lavender is suited for sensitive skin which this product is aimed at. If you have normal skin I’m sure this would be fine.

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