Autumn Fall Rescheduling

Happy Autumn Fall and Happy October!

There’s something about the Equinoxes more than the Solstices that leave me wanting a change or a wake up in scheduling, new energy, or being more reflective. Maybe it’s the equal length of day and night wanting balance. Maybe it’s the change in light, change in temperature. Solstices feel more about new beginnings; beginning of longer days in the winter, heat in the summer. Equinox’s are like the detox to the cold and heat or light and dark. 

If August flew by without being able to catch my breath, September didn’t want to be left out. Before I knew I was back to rushing about getting places on time. Climbing classes have started again, the zoo closes earlier, appointments, the sun sets around 19.40 (why can’t the longer days stay? Because Earth has a gravitational orbit it needs to stick to so you get that sunlight Nat and that means a few months of less sun.). I say this every month, but October I really need to get a good schedule going. From the 1st Oct the shops return to the their winter hours until May next year. For years the shops shut at 22.00 which is perfect for grocery shopping after the gym. Last year the opening hours in Barcelona (maybe all of Catalunya, I’m not sure) switched for the first time closing at 21.00. I’m looking forward to getting back earlier as 22.00 or coming back around 22.30 messes with your body clock. I’m not looking forward to rushing to make the shops before they close. I am looking forward to playing with scheduling routine, blogging more and learning more photography. I’ll be sad when beach siestas finish for the year and triple sad the heat’s going. Each season brings trade offs. Autumn light’s a pretty warm glow, I have a little more time for things that have been on to do lists for months, but I’m not going to hibernate during the winter. I’ll still aim to be outside as much as possible wrapped up warm. 

Anyways, I’ll leave you with a little photo catch up. Run views, cats, zoo photos and of course the beach in different light. 

This little boy turned 14 on 1st October! He’s doing better on his meds, still as cheeky happy go lucky, but he’s sleeping more and is a little quieter.

I ran a few night runs in September. While I prefer running in the day, I like the cooler temps! Now climbing classes have restarted, I’m training more at home than the gym. On climbing days it’s easier. My left psoas has been playing up since July (a Studio Tone Up kickboxing class), which means I can’t do some of my favourite yoga poses. It’s gonna take a while until it’s a happy again.  

Beach fireworks running backNo swimming beach runIMG_5433I’m taking part in Tone It Up’s Fall 31 Day Challenge. Aj’s the mats mine Mama! 

Celebrating the end of summer with the beach and CorreFoc. I got to enjoy over an hour in warm sunshine with no place to be afterwards. Usually I spend 40 minutes rushed as I have to get to places afterwards. I was why on the last day of summer? Afterwards we ran with the devils during CorreFoc or running with fire, as part of Barcelona’s annual 3 day festivities celebrating the patron saint of Barcelona. This is always my favourite event. Running under spinning Catherine wheels spun by devils. The devils shelter you under the sparks, but some will aim at your feet, spray spectators or your bum as one did this year! My leggings thankfully an old pair have spark holes on one cheek. No one escapes! The more nervous you look, the more they’ll get you. Drum bands follow each district of Barcelona’s devils and it’s completely crazy. This year however both of us said the atmosphere was flat even with the drums getting you dancing. Maybe because we missed the 1st 45mins missing most of the devils only watching the moving dragons, cats, mosquitoes, breathing fire as usually it’s lively until the end. Previous years Correfoc 2017, 2016.

Trying capture bats and learning where my burst setting is.

Few days before September’s harvest moon DSCF7900Escaping to the beach daily if I can. Even if it’s for 20 minutes or 5 minutes watching the sea.

And Zoo photos. The end of summer saw lots of cloudy afternoons so light was bad. Autumn’s seeing more clear sunset hours so I really have to race time to capture the light. It helps zoo closing hours are earlier. Another autumn fall trade off.

These guys never sit still for long. Always up to something!DSCF8264Nearly all grown upLove gibbons. Like monkeys they make me laugh.Back close to Mama. Before La Merce the baby zebra was more independent however since I’ve noticed them staying close Mama more.

How was your September? Are you happy to see autumn fall/spring? I’m okay with autumn until mid December when it’s to really get cold here. Then I’m okay, spring and summer please.

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