Weekend Friday Favourites

I hope you’re having a great weekend!

This week has been crazy. I fell off my bike and now can’t run or jump as I banged up one knee. A taxi ride took me in the completely opposite direction even though I gave the right address booking on the app showing the correct destination. I still had to pay for the ‘gps error’. I was turn around we’re going out into the country not into the city the other side of town! She was which exit?, I’m, take the first one and turn around! I wanted to contest it, but I was so car sick and wanted to get out I paid the double fair. Aside from not being about to run, I can cycle, climb and yoga if I pad up my palm (that got a blooded up), walk, squat, balance, lift weights, just not get a good burn sweat thanks to no running, lunges or jumping, even jumping jacks hurt. I can do quick feet! 

Anyways, this weeks Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye recently. Apologies yet again I’ve missed a few Weekend Friday Favourites. 

Missoma Lapis Juju Bracelet

I discovered Missoma this year and fell in love with their chain bracelet designs. I keep telling myself to skip the gold plated bracelets and save the money for pure gold one. That said, I don’t mind that the line’s silver with gold plating. Once the gold wears off, maybe I have a silver bracelet instead. For the 1st year after purchase you have a free re plating service then you pay per item to be re plated gold. A similar blue bracelet recently broke this year and I thought this would be the perfect replacement! I also like the unusual gold and dark blue paring. Blue lapis is said to improve self knowledge and reflection, calms anger, harmonies the physical, emotional. mental and spiritual levels and good for knowledge, commination, truth, understanding and enhancing memory and who doesn’t want an evil eye to repel the negativity and thoughts of others?

(Yes, I know hairy arms. I shaved them this summer and they grew back even longer and more noticeable. I’m not sure if to do it again as they’ll keep me warm during the winter and are covered with sleeves. Maybe next summer or know me next week.)

Tiger Parakeet Prints

For the past few years, I’ve been chatting with 2 birds at the zoo. A hill myna and a festive amazon. The amazon was removed from display 2 winters ago and after emailing to see if he’s okay, his keeper replied saying he’s okay, he’s taking this winter off display due age. His also mentioned he came to the zoo in 1984 as part of a customs seizure. That made him this year at least 34! This year he was really beginning to show his or her age. They still came to the mesh to say hola, but I could see it wasn’t going to be long before they crossed the rainbow bridge. I’m forever grateful I made it to the zoo one Sunday to chat with him as when I went to visit him a few days later, in his place was a sorry for the inconvenience sign. I knew they’d had gone. A few weeks after a new resident moved in. So when I saw a few weeks later in Tiger their summer parakeet line all I could see was Festiva. It wasn’t much, about €3 and the wrong colour. Yellow instead of green, but it reminds me of Festiva every time I look at it. It sits in the spare room office and I always smile seeing it.

D’s Birthday 

This boy turned 14 on the 1st October! Happy Birthday Diesel, the cheekiest happiest go lucky ray of sunshine I know. 

Avocado Thank You Note

During Tone It Up’s Labor Day (so wanted to put the U in!) sale I ordered some Avocado leggings only to receive an email saying they were sold out. I took the bullet and ordered direct from Avocado themselves. This meant they’d probably get stuck in customs* and I pay more. Tone It Up Trainers wear them a lot in the Studio Tone Up workouts and always look good. They’re designed for yoga, light workouts and leisure wear, I got them with the intention of leisure wear. As I’m only just starting to wear leggings now Autumn Fall’s here, I haven’t worn them yet to know if they wear and wash well. I do love how they fit, although compared to Fabletics Salar and 7/8’s high waisted leggings I usually wear, they feel less thicker and therefore less bum support/lift as the fabric’s not so thick. They feature on this week’s Weekend Friday Favourite thanks to the Thank You Note. It’s a nice touch that makes you go, awe, thank you!

*Thankfully they didn’t get stuck in customs, I had to pay a general import fee when I received them which made them super expensive, but less than if they’d had got stuck in customs. I’d like to get more, but on discount days to balance out the import fees.

Agility Ladder 

Ladder drills are so much fun! I’ve been training at home more on climbing day so I’m not rushing around as much (crying face emoij) and are able to use my ladder more. Also my fitness clients love it too. The drills challenges speed, agility and coordination, always big smiles are guaranteed and the types of drills and fancy foot work’s endless. They’re surprisingly cheap too around £10/€11 plus shipping.

Frank Body Everyday Face Moisturiser 

I think I might have mentioned Frank Body before. Sephora España started selling Frank Body back in January and I’ve been hooked ever since. Even more hooked when I found out Frank Body ship to Europe with free shipping from Australia so I can shop the entire line! I’be been using this as a day cream for about 9-10 months and love the caffeine perk up hit. All ingredients are natural and it’s vegan; no animal testing. The only issue I have is the difference in consistency when I’ve ordered from Sephora or Frank Body themselves. Sephora’s is always more solid when Frank Body’s is more liquidity (it can go everywhere when you open it or squeeze more than you need). This could be that Sephora has older stock. Ever version is still a great lotion for oily combination skin. 

Run View From The Pier Before I Fell Off My Bike

Charlotte Tilbury Make Up


Has arrived in Spain! I’ve been hearing great things about this line and have been eager to try some products since it’s launch 2 years ago. I was waiting until I was next back in the UK, however thanks to Sephora España I don’t have too!

Internet Finds

73 Questions with Lady Gaga. Vogue YouTube. I don’t read Vogue, but I love Lady Gaga and Vogue’s 73 questions. Her accent!

Guy hikes for hours to save a dog when everyone said it couldn’t be done. The Dodo Youtube.

Rescue dog carries senior dog best friend on walks. The Dodo Youtube

The birds that follow plane to get home. BBC News

Dozens of elephants killed near Botswana wildlife sanctuary. BBC News

This weird bird may have been the first protected species. BBC News

How to get your shit together. Chriselle Lim (I need to read this daily!)

‘A single piece of plastic’ can kill sea turtles, says study. BBC News

A battle to save Indonesia’s orangutans. BBC News

What’s been making you smile recently? Please comment in the comments below!



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    Ooops! Hope your knee is getting better! And who cares hairy arms? Mine are also hairy but with black hairs so way more visible. But it is the one body part that is acceptable to be hairy in Spain xD

    1. says:

      I never knew that! But then I don’t really look at other girls arms! Maybe in Catalunya they’re not so hairy. The guys definitely are!

      My knee’s getting better thank you. I think I knocked 2 bones together or something. I’ve got physio tape and can run without too much pain!

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