May 2022 Part 2. Summer Say’s Hi

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I’m trying to convince myself at the moment, to life in the moment with August weather. The weather is perfect right now. 31C, not cloudy, the water’s perfect, the evenings are warm.

La Sagrada Familia from Port Olympic. Maybe in 2122 it’ll be finished!

A trip the Barcelona Zoo as usual last week had me a little nostalgic. I grew up in the countyside. My parents had 16.5 acres or 66775.5m2 which consisted of 2 fields rented out to a farmer for sheep, 400m from the road, trees for me to climb, a huge garden to play in. I loved it after dinner when I was allowed to play outside again. The zoo at the moment has the same light, feel in the air. I like going last hour as there aren’t many people around so it feels like I have a tropical garden myself. Every now and then I’m transported in random seconds back to being a kid playing out late on summer evenings. Or in Spain afternoons. It took while to understand why the evening’s in Spain start at 21.00. Anything before is the afternoon.

The prairie dogs just got cuter and cuter

The bitter sweet is the light now is changing as the days get shorter. Summer’s just over 6 weeks in and about 7 weeks it’s autumn fall falling into winter. I’ll happily live in summer temps. Although climate change is hitting. My underwater OlympusTG6 camera has a thermostat and some photos from around this time last year were still on the SD card. The temperature details are only on the playback not when uploaded. The water last year was around 24-25C now it’s 27-28C. I’m not getting as cold swimming and didn’t put it together until seeing difference checking photo info.

Back in May the second half of May the temperature was higher than usual. More like mid June onwards. It’s been like that before every few years but this time it was straight from 24C to about 30C. The water back in May hadn’t warmed up, but I was in the water ASAP as I’d been waiting all year round to be back in my underwater world. Though the Mediterranean side of Spain is known for it’s long summer season it’s only really for 2.5 months you can snorkel without freezing unless midday. Summer really is short. 

May and June are amazing fog/mist days. Usually it starts to the North East from the mountains and works its way across the sea and city engulfing tall buildings leaving you feeling like you’re living and working in the clouds.

Flamingos of the Delta L’Ebre

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Back in late May, we took a trip down the road to El Parque Natural del Delta de L’Ebre in Tarragona to see the flamingos! 

The Delta L’Ebre is also the Spain’s major rice producer making the whole area a heaven for wetland birds. The salt marshes are the perfect location for Catalunya’s Flamingos. Introduced to the park in 1992, most of the them hang out around La Tancada and Trinitat and can be seen all year round.

Flamingos from the road to Barra del Trabucador from Poble Nou del Delta

Along the main road to the Barra del Trabucador that runs alongside La Tancada you can see a few. The main flock back in May were the other side which required going inland, trusting the GPS down narrow roads flanked by rice fields in the middle of nowhere. Thankfully while minimal sign posted after parking in an abandoned building’s ‘garden’ a 5 minute walk we were at the hide. In fact you can walk and cycle to the hide, but we didn’t know this and it was getting late. Sunset was I think 40 minutes away. If looking on the map the whole delta doesn’t look that big, but it is! We stayed just outside the delta (just I thought it was in the delta) and to get to the main spots took at least 25 minutes driving. 

Have to get closer!
In addition to being a haven for wetland birds, the park is a haven for many other insects and animals. Sadly there is a hunting season to ‘maintain populations and culture’. No hunting of flamingos thankfully

Under The Med Sea. July 1st-4th 2022

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This year I’m fascinated by the baby mullets. There’s more than last year and I’m not sure if this is because the sea bed changed in the winter storms

There’s less rocks, more sand. I’ve seen older mullets a little further out feeding by scooping and filtering the sand. Where I snorkel is the nursery. They look so sleek compared to the sea breams with gold flecks that catch the light. 

The saddled sea breams as always say hi and like to chase bubbles from swimmers or maybe the bubbles and kicking of legs stirs up invisible to human eyes plankton snacks. I often spook myself feeling a bubble brushing my leg as I swim, thinking it was a fish nibbling on me only to turn around and see a few saddled sea breams following me. I’m sure it’s a bubble produced while swimming but it’s funny to turn around and see them following me. Almost like my body guards. 

May 2022 Part 1. Late Spring Glow

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I took a little break this month to redesign the site. In hindsight I should have done it before it got hotter as just trying to change font size can take forever. Looking up code to copy and paste as I have no idea how to write it or trying out different plugins. When the outside wasn’t calling as much it would have been easier to work on it. I’m thinking of taking a basic free code course just so I know what to look for when looking for code to copy, as it would be better to have a little understanding of how css language works.

Gibbon Barcelona Zoo. How I feel most days. Just waiting

May would have been the perfect month to do it or the first half at least, however I spent too much time deciding on which hosting site to be with, how everything works. In the end I upgraded to WordPress Pro. I was unsure of migrating everything and sometimes it’s better to stick with what you know. I can learn what I can and when I know what I’m doing can choose elsewhere. The second half of May was so warm this year! It’s always around the 18th May usually a week or so after my birthday the temps go up. This year they were more like late June temps and stuck around. I don’t mind one little bit apart from super humid days where the promise of rain is just a few drops. 

Abstract pond ripples

May was the month I paid a ridiculous amount for shower curtain. My previous 100% cotton shower curtain didn’t survive it’s last wash after about 1.3 years of having it. I couldn’t find another 100% cotton shower curtain so I paid €49.90, yes €50 for a linen shower curtain I’ve already bleached for mould built up. I’ve worked out to reduce bathroom mould in the summer after showering, leave a floor or standing fan blasting the curtain and shower/bath unit until dry. I paid €50 so you don’t have too. The full review’s here

One of my ‘friends’ at Barcelona Zoo is back! I remember having little conversations with one of the Amazonian Parrots. The festive used to come up, say Hola and sit with me while I spoke random stuff to it. I think in 2019 they disappeared. The info sign too. I asked via email what happened and got told they’d sadly died. I think it was part of a customs haul in the 80’s. Earlier this year as usual saying hi to parrots as I always do, one came running up to say hi. They don’t talk whenever I go, instead they stop what they’re doing and come to the front of it’s cage. Yes cage, I know. I swear it’s the same parrot. It has the same claw missing and looks the same albeit a little more haggard. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t regardless I have a new friend. 

Weekend Friday Favourites. 01.07.22

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Happy July! 

June flew by leaving me scratching my head if I actually did anything. The days were somewhat Groundhog yet raced by. This week I’ve been experimenting switching things around to find a better routine. TBH, if I got up earlier things would be done earlier. Anyway, Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye. 

Hazy summer light is the best!