Iced Lemonade

When life give you lemons you make lemonade right?

The pyshio last week gave me 2 options for my psoas. At first it was to stop running for 2 weeks, but as the inflammation is ‘controlled’ I was permitted to run on either grass or sand. However I’m not allowed to run on any hard surfaces and am to walk to the grass/sand. I’m was sure I could work around that somehow making up little biathlons biking and running. 

That option for 1 week or more (please no more than 2 weeks, I have a race coming up!) has been taken out of my hands. Probably by the powers that be. The ones that look out me either decided we’ll make her not run as she won’t listen to the physio or were either watching Netflix, distracted, looking out for other beings in their care or just wanted a giggle. Long story short, I fell off my bike in a puddle.
Any high impact or lunges are out for a while. That includes running.

From my InstaStories! Because you know you have to share this stuff!

It was dark, it had been raining and under the street lights I didn’t see the puddle until it was too late to avoid it. I know this part of the path gets flooded in heavy rain and even when it’s dry it has a dip. I thought no worries just go slow through it. I was in my own little world. A little not with it after indoor climbing. We’d done rope work for the first time in months. After the 2nd climb about 10-12 metres my arms were jelly. So jelly I didn’t feel strong free climbing afterwards, a little all out of it and lightheaded. I lost my nerve a bit, but still did the routes until I chickened out. After climbing sometimes I like to go for a bike ride. I prefer to go before if I can, but afterwards it’s good so that I’m not hyper tired on a high when I get back. I can reflect on climbs, did I really say in that in Spanish (or in English embarrassing myself), I got it all wrong, should have said this, etc. As soon as I said go slow through it, I fell off. 

No joke, I did. I think I hit a rock or the curb. I knew instantly I’d done damage as I fell sideways falling on top of the frame, my hand sliding out along the concrete, handle bars digging into my upper thighs. Thankfully a runner stopped to ask if I was okay and picked my bike up out the puddle. Thank you runner, just by stopping as asking if I was okay helped me so much, you have no idea how much although I think I was in shock and disbelief I fell (I can count on 1 hand the number of times I’ve fallen off cycling in 13 years). Si gracias, I just need to sit. I felt sick. Racing through my mind was so that’s how I lost my last water bottle last week out the side pocket, maybe when unlocking my bike in the dark as I picked it up out the puddle. Next was shit, can I finish my bike ride (priorities, right?!), followed by can I still walk, climb, how long will I be out, I can’t be out there’s the Tone It Up #tiu31 challenge at the moment. Why do I always injure myself during challenges?! Thanking the runner again saying I’m okay, you go knowing he wanted to continue his run.

I made it to a bench to sit for a while after saying ‘watch out!’ to a girl who nearly did the same on her bike. She hit at a different angle and got her balance. I was, I did the same! A little wave of panic followed when I realised I couldn’t find my phone. Please no, not in the puddle! I didn’t want to be fishing around in it for my phone. I was worried the cut was going to get infected anyway. I’d put it in the inside chest pocket of my raincoat leaving climbing. For some reason I thought it’d be safer out the rain than in the side pocket. It was raining bad when I left but eased up enough for me to say okay to a bike ride. I didn’t zip the pocket and my phone fell out down my coat and luckily hadn’t fallen into the puddle. I contemplated calling P, but he’s travelling and couldn’t have done anything anyway. Even if he was here he wouldn’t have been much help! He agreed to that when I called him later! I wanted to cry in frustration but no tears came. I messaged him instead and as I was near my half way turn around point I finished my bike ride. Priorities! The heel of my left palm looks like I took a cheese grater to it, my right knee’s swollen, I have some colourful bruises up my leg and cut on my outside knee I’m not sure how got there. I can walk, side lunge, balance, twist to a point. I can squat but can’t lunge, jump or anything high impact. I guess sometimes if you don’t listen to advice you get given the advice literally to follow. It’s okay, I’m working out the lemonade with ice. On the way back a rat ran across in front of me. If you believe in sprit animals or look for fun, a rat’s a good sign. I’m hoping this lemonade’s sweet not sour. 

Anyways, whinge party over, you know the drill for catch ups. Photos and zoo photos. Does she go to other places other than the zoo? Sometimes!

Blanket season’s started! Okay, D looked so cute I covered him with my cardi. 

Showering/bathing AJ’s going to get more tricky as it’s gets cooler for him not to catch a cold. His fur’s doing better despite after each bath he ignores me for longer. It wasn’t until the evening he started talking to me. He got his revenge by his cigar cutter/poo tail not properly working after one bathroom trip. I had a trail of nuggets to clean up. Yes, cats can be petty. 

This guy’s been visiting the beaches this past week. I’m don’t stand in the path! You blend in, a cyclist won’t see you. They continued preening. 

I didn’t see the lioness until editing. Initially all I could see was that mane.Love gibbons. There’s something about them.DSCF9020These girls just as they’ve shed last winter’s coat, are growing this winter’s coat.Luna, may not think she’s lucky. I don’t think she gets to leave her pen much or at all, but I tell her she’s one of the lucky cows compared to most. If she’s near the fence she lets me stroke her nose which feels like an honour. The simple things that make us happy! More I think the interaction between humans and animals, especially one you don’t know that lets you touch them.

Saturday’s sunset from Port Olympic 

What thought’s were flying through your mind during your last mishap or accident?! Please comment below!

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