Running on Empty

I’m proud to say that I’m finally making progress with my sleep schedule! A month ago I mentioned I found it hard to actually go to bed before midnight being distracted by the TV or internet. This month has been a greater wake up call for various reasons. Fitness isn’t all about working out and eating right. Sleep needs to be in there, for repair, restore energy levels, dejunk the brain and keep us from going crazy! It’s still work in progress, but I’m getting there!

Yesterday, I woke to a moody sunrise. I had a good workout: Deadlift upright rows, resistance band 1 arm pivot rows and pendulums in the mix. Regardless of what type of circuit it is, I like to include press ups. My ankle and knee haven’t allowed me to do all the variations as I’d like (or even all the yoga as I’d like!) for a while, but I was able to bring back press up kick unders with hardly any issues…yeah!IMG_3947IMG_3952

The builder came with no apology for the day before. About an hour later they left and the kitchen was finally free for breakfast. I was starving! I had a doctors appointment before work, but managed to get a bike ride in before. The sun was out, so there was no way I wasn’t! The pedals still aren’t spinning freely back peddling, but it’s ridable!IMG_3983

On the way to the bus, I had to back track for this face. The placement of the gum and leaves were too perfect!IMG_3989An energising juice was required when I got back: carrots, apples, kiwi, mango and passion fruit. Refreshing too! The light doesn’t do it justice.IMG_3994

Wednesday I woke to a pink sun and deconstructed stairs. The only place the lift can go is in the middle of the staircase and the builders have gradually been working up to our level.IMG_4003I waited until they’d finished knocking down the section outside us before setting off for a 7km run. While I waited I caught up on the news. Both Sky News and CNN reported on the elephant poaching in Gabon and Chad reaching crisis levels. Are zoos the only place we’ll find elephants soon? I really hope attitudes change soon, but I fear that’ll happen too late.IMG_4009

As I’m still getting used to new sleep hours, today I was tired and running on empty. I’m not keen running when there’s not much in the tank, however sometimes I have to. Add to that I didn’t find my stride until the last kilometre either. Ha!IMG_4010

Walking back from work to meet Paul, Cannes was full of spring. Clear views of the sunset mountains!IMG_4044 IMG_4054 IMG_4069 View from the sun deck.IMG_4072

Do you get enough sleep? Do you think we’ll only find elephants and rhinos in zoo behind heavy security?

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    great blog. Id love for you to follow my running journey aswell!

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