Ice Lolly Popsicle Season’s Begun!

Happy 1st of July as the Americans say! I can’t tell you how much the fog that started rolling in as I began my run this morning was welcome. It was like running 9km under mist sprinklers! Running any time of the day now, you feel or I feel like a melted helado/ice cream. While it’s a little cooler in the mornings and evenings you melt regardless!

Ice Lolly (popsicle for non Brits!) season’s begun thanks to the heat! I’ve always preferred ice lollies to ice cream* in the summer. Every summer growing up my mum used to make almost every other day during the summer holidays black current cordial lollies for everyone. When I remember now, I make my own batches using fresh fruit juice. I cheat a little and use fresh juices from the supermarket (saves me juicing!), pour into moulds and freeze. The perfect summer time treat! Ice Lollies!

Fog rolling in running this morning.Foggy beach run
*I’ve yet to try them, but there are some ice cream parlours in here selling vegan ice cream. P makes a great vegan coconut ice cream and I need to make a trip to La Boqueria market to try the ice lollies I’ve seen there!

Ice cream or ice lollies? What’s your favourite summer time treat?