Birthday Month Adventures

It’s been so long since I last said hi, I don’t know where to start! I’ll take it from the middle with the 8th and 12th May, with 2 birthdays celebrations. AJ’s and mine! The most important one of course was Mr Aj’s 16th. The Yogi Cat, Zen Master’s all grown up! Okay, he was all grown up about 14 years ago. Happy Birthday Angelous aka, Mr AJ!

Aj lucked out with morning sunny skies, mine I was back in a thermal top. My usual birthday wish is to spend time at the beach. The weather wasn’t playing. I had a little sunshine followed by  grey clouds, drizzle, fog and rain. I usually don’t like to wear long sleeves under a t-shirt however I knew I wasn’t going to be taking off my jacket and I didn’t want to wear a jumper. I just needed a little layer for a little extra warmth against the grey.

The cold afternoon made for great flamingo pink popping

The morning was sunny and warm and it was great to get my workout done early. As it’s a Saturday it’s Studio Tone It Up workouts. I’m taking part in their 2018 Bikini Series. This time I’m as much as I can without doing too much exercise with my own workouts, running and climbing their daily workout. There’s usually a new class every day, every 30 minutes. I was lucky the 2 daily workout was with my 2 favourite trainers aside from Karena and Katrina, Stefanie and Chyna. The idea is you chat with other girls on the app taking the class at the same time before, after or even during the class. You can schedule your daily workout in advance for the week ahead however the daily moves you find out on the day. I sometimes skip them as I have the gym later. 

As the rain clouds rolled in, my other birthday wish is no surprise to go to the zoo. As if I go there enough anyway. I like the greenery and tranquility. As we had a few things to get in the Borne, we decided to tag errands afterwards discovering a bakery or patisserie called Demasié that has vegan cinnamon rolls. We got 2 for later on with a cup of tea (minimum plastic waste so I was okay with take away. Plus the shop was busy). I wasn’t prepared however for the sugar hit afterwards!

Sunday, the sun came back with the day (evening) taken up sorting out the spare room/office. Energy isn’t flowing so nearly everything came out to fit back together better. It’s A4 folders filled with workout ideas, magazine pull outs which were blocking energy. Rather where they’re located It’s easier for me to flip through a paper folder than digital looking for ideas, so they’re staying. The problem was solved with a small Billy from Ikea to match the tall Billy’s. The room now has better energy flow now things have been balanced out. More things lifted off the floor, leave the room looking and feeling less cluttered with the heavier looking folders on a bottom shelf rather than up on a top shelf. 

This was only part of it. I’ve no idea how everything fitted in. The room felt nice with everything out!

There’s been more zoo visits of course. I don’t get out the city much.Dining al frescoHelicopter overheadEncouraging local wildlife/fauna

My local big chain supermarket’s okay for me to use cotton produce bags. For some reason I thought they’d be against it, but they were fine. I doubled check on 2 different days it was okay and both times I got a yes. One less plastic bag out there. Or one less from me each time I use them. Curious looks sometimes, but that’s cool, as maybe more people with start using them. Or even better the chain starts selling them (that I can dream!).

The car wash I go to now has 3 bays for bikes and motorbikes which is great as I don’t have to wait anymore as it’s always busy. See, don’t get out the city much.

My bag was washed as I know the straps were dirty. Keeping light coloured tote bags clean is tricky when you wrap them around handlebars. But how cool is the helmet peg?

I fell off my bike, but then I was going to fast and a car popped out of a carpark without looking or slowing down when they saw me. Just my ego bruised more by passers by and the car who didn’t even ask if I was okay. Thanks. 

While spring’s been slow to warm up, the trees are ready dressed for summer.

I lost my running cap to the wind running benches that line up to the wall. I only had at about an month! When I checked to see if it was still there a few days later, the wind had moved it on. The good flip side, caps I wore last summer out and about I’ve kept even though I thought I’d wouldn’t wear them again (fading from washing), I’m wearing adding colour running.

I got birthday cake for the first time in years! 

This boy demands broccolli every lunch and dinner you make even if you haven’t cooked any.

I twisted my ankle running Desafío de Guerreros (Warriors Challenge) Barcelona. Not on any obstacles. On a stone I didn’t see 3km in. Clever no? I finished the 12km race, however that’s another post!

How’s your May so far?


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  2. says:

    Happy belated birthday! Sorry to hear about your injuries and accidents. Glad is wasn’t too bad.

    1. says:

      Thank you!

      I’m on the mend! Nearly bounced back. Just a few more days of seeing what I can do and I think I’ll be running soon. Hope so, I maybe running a Spartan next month! Depends on transport!

      Hope you’re okay!

  3. says:

    Happy belated birthday and birthday week….and birthday month Natalie! I hope its a great one. Stay strong!

    1. says:

      Thank you! It’s been okay so far 🙂

      Hope you’re all okay and having a great month too!

      1. says:

        Just ok? You know, I still look up to you and your hardcore training. We are having a busy month w b days and now a fast 11 hour car ride for a family matter this weekend. But ending w a holiday to one of the kids fav vacation spots in a few weeks.

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