Early Spring Jardi Botanic Marimurtra Part 2

Last month we revisited Jardi Botanic Marimurtra nestled along the Costa Brava’s rocky coastline. Garden’s aren’t really my thing, yet this one I was drawn after an internet finding things to do outside the city. Okay, it was the gondola overlooking the sea that did it!


The gondola isn’t the garden’s only star. Each twist and turn hold new gems: tropical plants, ponds, sea views, terracotta walls and sweet fragrance scents. 

Part 2’s the walk from the gondola to the mini lighthouse and up to the koi carp pond providing shelter from the wind. The wind was strong leaving me in awe of the waves crashing into the rocks below. As I took way too many photos, part 1’s here!

I was fascinated by the sun reflected off the lighthouse’s white wall onto the aloe veras against the sea blues below.

Almost summer hazy light thanks to to humidity or sea spray in the air.  

What’s your ideal garden? No surprise, mine would be Marimurtra’s!

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    I ha e always enjoyed your photography, and / or the beautiful scenery you capture…

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