Happy Friday Happenings

Kept my run short and sweet this morning with 5km along the beaches and boy, was it hot! I purposely kept it short and sweet for two reasons; Osteopath appointment yesterday and race day tomorrow evening. This afternoon I picked up my race t-shirt for Port de Barcelona’s 2nd cursa 10km Night Run around Port Vell along with my running number that has my name on. Very fancy! The only thing that stands in my way is my foot. Too much pressure building up and things moving meant an appointment yesterday. When I left for the first time in weeks I was walking on sunshine. My back wasn’t tight or tired! The foot however still feels tight. Me being me, I’ll still run!IMG_9922

Anyways, it’s Friday so here are some things I’ve been enjoying this week.

Fresh coconutsIMG_7857

We/Paul found fresh coconuts this week and oh my! The real deal coconut water tastes like buttered toast and I’m in love. The carton versions do not compare! A fresh one also yields about as much water as the 500ml bottled kind and is surprisingly cheap . For a nut/fruit that when I was a kid was only around at Christmas time and the shell that was cut in half to mimic horse hooves, I fall more in love with it’s numerous uses and it’s magical properties everyday.

National Geographic, Things You Didn’t Know About Cute Bonobos

These cute, intelligent apes, must be one of the few species on this planet that willingly share food and lookout for each other. Unfortunelty they’re under pressure from their nearest cousin, us.


One Picture Saves a Life

A photo can tell a million words. All too often a dog or cat is overlooked for adoption because they aren’t photogenic, look scared in photos, are old, have under/over bites, one eye, the list goes on. Basically their adoption photo doesn’t do them any justice. I’ve seen this first hand volunteering in a shelter. This charitys’ mission is to turn this around by providing shelter staff and volunteers, the resources to successfully groom and photograph shelter pets for a second chance to find their forever home.

Coloured Wool/YarnIMG_7457

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get a chance the next few days to make some bracelets. I got this selection weeks ago in France and every day this week, it’s been calling me.

AJ and DDIMG_9802 IMG_9796

My two boys who’ll never admit they’re mama’s boys!

El BorneIMG_9867

Re-exploring one of my favourite parts of Barcelona, El Borne. I used to live there and it has a certain charm that the rest of the city doesn’t.

Street Art

Barcelona is never short on graffiti or street art. This week I’ve found Scraps from the Corpse Bride and bicycles stair art. Remember to take the stairs more and look up. Who know’s what you’ll find!IMG_9752 IMG_9887Have you ever tried fresh coconuts? They taste amazing! What’s been your favourites this week?




  1. says:

    Wow the coconut water looks and sounds delicious, I was sold as soon as you compared it to buttered toast! 🙂 I hope your foot is better for the run and I hope you enjoy it – do you ever run on the sand, that’s supposed to be a good fitness challenge! We don’t live near a beach for me to try that one out on a regular basis. The cats look nicely settled and very at home, perhaps they can help and snuggle your foot better for luck! X xx

    1. says:

      Ha ha, buttered toast would get me too! Sorry for not replying sooner. I try to leave the weekends blog free! I’ll try a few sand runs or attempt. It’s hard enough pushing a bike through it! The cats did help, They always do! Hope you had a great weekend!

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