Summer Smarts

Summer doesn’t officially start for another week, yet here the in the Mediterranean someone’s turned the thermostat up. This mornings workout was a sweaty one even at 8.30am, with the balcony doors and windows open. I’ve got 4 months of intense heat ahead running and training, so it’s time to get smart about beating the heat. So for those of us that love to run outside or don’t have the luxury of an air conditioned gym, here are my top tips of staying ahead of the heat:IMG_9856


If running outside or working out at home, try to get all runs and workouts done before 10am and after 6pm in hotter climates and before 11am and after 5pm in cooler climates (such as the UK). Basically avoid the heat of the day. If your gym is air conditioned, lucky you! Early morning runs and workouts are done and dusted and set you up for the day. 


A must running, shopping, running errands, at the beach and just out and about! I love Coola Suncare, but in Europe it’s not cheap and only when it’s on offer I get it. Nivea is my next go to. It’s not tested on animals and for the amount I get through, economical. It can get greasy and don’t wear it with white or you favourite outfits (it can stain). I’m looking forward to try the new Nivea protect and refresh line. Maybe it’s not so greasy.

Baseball Cap:

Keeps the sun off your face, out your eyes, helps prevent extra wrinkles, helps avoid sun headaches and serves as a sweat band. Nike have some good light weight running caps.


Preferably, wrap around for full eye protection for the sun’s rays. Any kind is better than none and non slip is even better. These from Tone It Up and Oakley are made for sporty girls!

Light weight and Light Coloured Performance Sports Apparel:

Look for light weight shorts and tops that breathe with wicking abilities so you’re kept cool logging the miles and rocking the burpees. Light weight cotton t-shirts do in a pinch, but get heavy with sweat. Lighter coloured clothing reflects the suns rays to avoid over heating. H&M and Forever21 have a good range of cute moisture wicking apparel if Lululemon and name brands are a tad expensive. That said, a good pair of leggings or shorts are a good investment will last a long time compared to the cheaper brands.


A no brainer! Make sure you’re probably hydrated before, during and after your training. A hand held bottle, belt or water pack, find what works for you. Use water fountains! Be careful of over hydration. That can be as dangerous as dehydration. Coconut water is a great hydrator that also replaces potassium and other minerals lost with sweat, perfect during or after a workout.

Use your brain!

Use common sense and trial and error. Listen to your body! I try to avoid running along busy roads. The heat and pollution is worse along them, plus I feel like I’m getting fried. Find shady routes or run near water (lakes, sea, river) where it’s cooler and breezier if you can. A trick I’ve started this year, is splashing some cold water on my back every now and then running. Instant refresher especially if there’s breeze!

Most of my summer runs or workouts are just about getting through them. I try not to get caught up with pace. If I run in the evening I’m faster, but generally my pace is slower due to the heat and its affects on me. Listen to your body, check the weather, take it easy. If it’s too hot, don’t go or go late at night or near to dawn during a heatwave when the air’s cooler. There’s always a treadmill in doors somewhere if late night or early morning runs are out of the question or kept them short and sweet!

Yoga on the other hand was made for summer. I find thanks to the heat and warmer muscles, it’s easier to transition and stretch. To keep me from sliding around on the mat, I use a damped micro fibre towel, which also feels good on the feet!

I hope these tips have helped and remember, summer’s only here for a few months. Before long the cold, short winter months are here and we’re longing for long summer days! And if the heat’s too much, just does do as AJ does. Let it all hang out!IMG_7027

What are your summer go to running or training tips? When’s your favourite time of day to workout or run?



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