Weekend Friday Favourites

My thoughts are with those caught up and those lost on Thursdays horrific events in Barcelona on Las Ramblas. My beautiful adopted city turned upside down in a matter of moments. Thankfully all my friends are okay. I also want to thank the emergence services and the Mossos d’Esquadra for their rapid response and amazing work. #totsomBarcelona #notincpor #notenimpor

I hope you’re having a great weekend! This week went by in a flash and I didn’t find many moments to stop by to say hi. It can get a little frustrating when I don’t find myself blogging as much as I’d like or making improvements to the layout I’ve been wanting for a while (when it’s cooler without outdoors not temping me so much. Who I’m kidding I love being out doors all year round!). I also haven’t taken many photos recently and the ones I have, I’ve been explore my camera settings with mixed results, so it’ll be a short and sweet Weekend Friday Favourites. Things that have made me smile or caught my eye this week.

Elephant Sun ProtectionElephant head, Barcelona Zoo

3 Little BirdsParakeets, Barcelona Zoo

Fabletics Salar Leggings

This are here for not other reason that I knew they were getting thin in some places but was horrified that in the newly installed full length mirrors in my gym changing room, which my gym’s never had before, they were failing the squat test. Even before I’d set foot on the gym floor I could see they were thin on the bum! I was so embarrassed!!! My workout was done with all lunges and squats with my back to the wall! They’ve since been retired. I’d like to know if anyone else has Fabletics leggings and has noticed a difference in quality the past few months. I’ve only had these about 3-4 months. I’ve had previous Fabletics pairs that have lasted longer. I am keen however to try out their new Powerlite fabric leggings and always do regular legging squat tests!

Fish Running Through Port de BadalonaMe not them! Imagine!

Push Up Plank Slide Unders/Push Up Fallen Angel Sliders

These add a spin on abs and obliques! With both feet on slides, perform a push up while simultaneously sweeping one leg across under the body to opposite shoulder or chest height keeping the leg straight. As pushing back up sweep leg starting position. Repeat on the other side. The leg on return will have to bend to sweep under to starting position. If you haven’t got sliders, cloths or paper towels work great on hard floors and paper plates on carpets.

Reverse Sunset 

I’m excited and not excited summer’s slowly making it’s way for autumn/fall. The beach siestas will make way for time for other things, yet I’ll miss the warm days and being able to stop by the beach or sit out at my gym.

Internet Finds

How Tone It Up’s founders ceasing a fitness empire. Forbes Magazine. Yep, Tone It Up made Forbes! I love Katrina’s advise of spending the first 3 hours of your working day on your business if the owner…

Greg Pickett, the founder of CytoSport, and a close friend, gave me some valuable advice as we were watching a Golden State Warriors playoff game last season. He passionately exclaimed, “Katrina, every business owner knows how easy it is to walk into the office, get pulled in 20 different directions and the next thing you know, you’re sitting down for a 3 PM lunch asking yourself, ‘Where did the day go, and what have I accomplished?’ You need to break this vicious cycle and take back control of your time. I want you to go into the office in the morning and invest your first three hours to focusing entirely on doing the mission-critical work that will grow the business. The planning sessions and staff meetings can wait.”  Amen.

source Forbes Magazine

I love also Karena’s life is like a highway…

As a young professional, I had always known that if I followed my passion, I would be truly happy. What we aren’t told is that our passions don’t always align with set career “paths.” There’s a lot of pressure to jump on a career path and stick to it, but remember that for every exit ramp on the highway, there’s usually an intersection, bridge or entrance ramp up ahead. Capitalize on these forks in the road. Use them as a chance to pivot. Always remain consistent and true to yourself and the passion that drives you.

source Forbes Magazine

Pit bull and prisoner change each others lives. The Dodo

MandaLao: Is this Laos’ most responsible elephant retreat? CNN

Blue dogs spotted in Indian. What’s causing it? Nat Geo

Saving endangered turtles in Lebanon’s former war zone. CNN

Independence. Do Indians care about the British any more? BBC News. The articles brings up a great question that the British are making more celebrations marking 50 years of Indian independence from Britain than India as they like to be reminded of the superpower Britain once was. Indian culture and many others are influenced by American culture than British now. BBC News

What’s been making you smile recently? Have a great week!


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    That’s wonderful about the Tone it Up girls. I don’t follow them but I know how popular they are.

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      I know! They’ve worked hard to get where they are! Inspiration to many 🙂

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