10 Things I Learnt in July

I though it would be fun again to share things I learnt during the previous month! Feel free to add your own things learnt in July in the comments!

This I always knew, it just got reaffirmed.  My love for the sea and beach. I can’t image ever living far from them.

Nars is no longer cruelty free as they’ve started selling physically in China. Which is just perfect as I’ve recently discovered their eyeshadow prime which does exactly what it says it does. So now beings a hunt for a cruelty free eyeshadow primer. Up next, NYX.

Oat milk’s inexpensive and easy to make!

I like chia seed puddings or more specifically, Tone It Up Pick Me Up Chia Seed Puddings with peaches and pineapple on top. Yum!

Some trees shed bark when it gets too hot. For a few zoo visits in July you could hear trees popping bark! 

I’ll always have a thing for big tropical leaves.

Muscles ups get easier. I still can’t clear pre Spartan Beast Race height or my height after a muscle up hiatus, however about 5-6cm lower I can clean a lot cleaner. A few more weeks, I should be able to clear my height and then begins clearing the real muscle up work! Clearing the bar way higher than me and then maybe with feet not touching the floor. Maybe in a year I’ll be able to just!

If you can’t surround yourself with positive people or like minded people who inspire or motivate, follow people on social media who do the same. I recently got a little caught up in a gossip site over a UK blogger/vlogger. I used to like the said vlogger even if something was a little amiss. After reading comments I came across a site that’s basically a blogger gossip site and got caught up as these people were noticing what I was noticing and more. After a while I began to notice that neither the gossip site or the YouTuber’s channel made me feel good. The YouTuber/blogger’s done well to get where they are, however both them and the gossip site left me feeling angry, down with the YouTuber leaving me feeling slightly inadequate. Once I noticed the pattern I stopped going on both. Not quite cold turkey, but more or less. I’ve since gone back to the blogs and YouTubers who inspire and make me feel like I can do the things I want to do. The more negative ones or toxic ones for me I can most of the time recognise the signs and stop reading/watching. It’s a Four Agreements lesson I’ve learnt. 4 channels/blogs that inspire me and leave me feeling positive, happy, I can take on the world and rooting for them are, The Chriselle Factor; blog / YouTube, Peanut Butter Fingers, Song of Style; blog / YouTube and Tone It Up; blog / YouTube.

I like high waisted shorts. More specifically high waisted denim shorts minus booty cheeks hanging out and even more specially not skin tight high waisted ones. They do no favours for anyone. Side on high waisted may not so flattering but front and back with pockets, yes. They’re a lot more comfy and because they’re not so low universally flattering, creating a waist and longer legs! Plus on a big day everything is contained and not feeling like it’s all hanging out.

Warm oxygenated waves from the North / North East equals perfect post beach hair. I keep my plait/braid in from cycling while at the beach which not only save me fighting tangles but also helps with the post beach waves afterwards. Cold flat water or cold waves from South /South East equals hair looking flat, lifeless, messy even after taking out the braid.

What did you notice or learn during July?


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    Popping bark?! I’ve never heard of such a thing but it would be really fun to witness. I used to follow a lot more blogs. But I can’t stand pettiness and other nonsense. Blogging should be enjoyable and make you feel good. There is too much craziness in this world. We don’t need to add to it. Always love YOUR positive attitude!

    1. says:

      Thank you! 🙂

      It’s cool to hear and watch the bark pop! Only a few trees do! I think it’s the plane trees. I found a link writing/researching it to confirm it was true and now I can’t find it!
      You’re right. There’s enough craziness in the this world and it doesn’t need adding too! Learning who or what’s toxic and staying away from it helps!

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    Is selling physically in China still a proof that they test on animals for sure? As a few months ago those regulations were changed and I read “not all products required now to be tested on animals”, but it didn’t specify which ones -_-“

    1. says:

      I’ll check into this! Thank you for letting me know. From what I currently know at the moment all non domestic products sold physically in China still need to be tested.

    2. says:

      I think this is what you mentioned. http://www.cosmeticsdesign-asia.com/Regulation-Safety/PETA-China-s-new-regulation-removes-animal-testing-procedure

      It’s still kinda vague what covers non special use cosmetics! From the links in the article I think it’s a trail for new legislation on imports and the certificates given. So until it’s announced they’ve stopped, I’ll continue to be wary! Thinking back a few months I did hear something about new laws (I mentioned it in Beauty Finds), but I think again it was in the planning stage! It’ll be great when they finally stop! I do know that for domestically produced products I believed they’ve stop testing on animals 🙂

      1. says:

        Must be this, yes! I also remember it was vague and wasn’t clear what was included and what not. It’s a step ahead though, I hope!

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