Weekend Friday Favourites

The heat was back this weekend making me one happy girl feeling and soaking up the  sun! Anyways, I’ll keep chit chat short and sweet and get into this weeks, Weekend Friday Favourites. Or Monday Weekend Friday Favourites as I couldn’t keep my eyes open Sunday evening. A round up of things that have made me smile or caught my eye this week.

Ugi/Medicine Ball Wall Squats Chest Throw/Pass

These are fun and all you need is a medicine ball or an ugi ball or ugi ball substitute and a wall. Standing about 1.5-2 metres facing a wall holding the ball in front of you. Perform a squat and as you explode up throw the ball at the wall straight in front. On the rebound catch the ball and immediately lower to a squat and start again. These got a bit addictive as on my 3rd set I was having way to much fun with them. Not only do they work legs, bum and back, they also work the shoulders, chest and triceps. I usually do medicine/ugi ball wall tosses (throw the ball up the wall) and these were a nice way to break them up.

Muslin Cloths

These were a recommendation by Chriselle Lim in one of her YouTube videos (I can’t find which one!). I usually use coconut oil to remove my eye make up remover then a flannel/wash cloth to for my oil and foam/water based cleansers. She has great skin, so I take note of her tips ( the cruelty free products ones)! I believe the idea behind them is that they are more gentle to your skin yet better at cleansing and exfoliating. At first there was some peeling on my nose, but I now prefer them over a heavier cotton flannel/wash cloth. My skin feels cleaner, softer smoother than it did after a regular flannel. The closer woven fibres are better at removing dead skin cells. They also feel cleaner to use in general than a flannel.

The thing I don’t like about this brand is the ‘reusable’ plastic pouch that comes with non tree paper. It seemed kinda unnecessary and my mistake I didn’t look properly when ordering.  If I had know I wouldn’t have ordered this brand as I’m trying to reduce my plastic waste. It’s hard enough as it is reduce plastic consumption and extra unnecessary plastic doesn’t help. I’m not angel when it comes to plastic waste as I love my beauty products way too much but I’m doing what I can.

Summer’s Last Full Moon (Until Next Summer)

Nooooo! I refuse to believe that this was Summer’s last full moon until next summer. I don’t like sunset’s now before 9pm or sunrises are getting later.


One of Barcelona Zoo’s elephants, in honour of World Elephant Day (12th August). World Elephant Day was set up to raise awareness of the plight elephants are facing against illegal poaching for ivory, habitat loss, human elephant conflict and mistreatment in captivity. I know many think zoos are bad and yes, Barcelona Zoo could be a lot better and they are working towards better enclosures however they save and rescue several animals. Quite a few animal rights group want one elephant removed as he shows signs of stress, head bopping. However after talking to one of the keepers/education department keeper earlier this year who was monitoring and recording any signs of stress the elephants showed while building work was going on, said that this particular elephant was a rescue. I if I remember correctly from a circus and had always head bopped on arrival. I also remember one keeper was calling them in, he addressed them as Señoras – ladies in Spanish. The zoo does their best to look after the animals and I am grateful the animal rights groups had the dolphin enclose revamp and shows shut down. However I’m not sure what’s happened to the dolphins and the zoo’s more difficult species to deal with are the human visitors.

Spanish Translation 

With bits.

Gibbons and Lion Barcelona Zoo

Will and Grace

Are back 28th September! It wasn’t until clips of previous shows kept popping up on my YouTube feed, I realised just how much I’d miss them!

Internet Finds

Aleppo Zoo animals rescued and taken to Turkey. BBC News. Four Paws do amazing work rescuing animals all over the world.

US surf dogs take to the wave in California. BBC News

See world’s largest bat colony near Austin, Texas. CNN

Five countries where people live the longest. BBC Travel

What’s been making you smile recently? Have a great week!


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    I loved Will and Grace too. Looking forward to seeing what they’re up to.

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      I can’t wait either 🙂

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