Eye Test, Heatwave and Full Moon

Happy Friday!

I hope you’re having great week so far! Mine’s gone way too quickly. Monday in a blur became Friday. There’s been a mini heatwave, an eye test, realising it’s been 12 years since I left the UK and my obliques sore from kettlebell windmills. I hadn’t done them in a while and if you think you don’t use your obliques running, think again. It took about 3 minutes into my run to make the connection. 

Anyways, I’ll leave you with a little catch up!

Friday saw a run, checking out Huda Beauty that had just landed in Sephora and a long overdue trip to the Opticians. I thought it was 2 years since my last visit, but in actual fact it was 3. Opps. I got my hands slapped. Last time there was slight improvement in my vision and this time a slight decrease however not enough to warrant a new prescription. I usually only wear my glasses while driving, watching TV or at the movies. The 1st two I hardly do anymore. I watch more shows on my phone or iPad and the movies happen every once in a while. Basically if the lady said if I don’t wear them more often my sight will get worse or something like that. So I’ve been wearing them at home more when I remember or cycling back when it’s dark (wow, I can see headlights properly. Usually they look like the sun in the above photo). My eyes have been sore at times as I’m not used to them, the top of the frames annoy me and I avoid the mirror wearing them.

Sunrise clouds

Saturday marked my 12 years in Spain or rather 12 years since leaving the UK as there was some France in-between. The UK feels like lifetime ago and do I ever want to go back? Erm, No. Even if I live in some sort of no mans land between being British and Spanish. My passport and ID say British, but I couldn’t identify any British trends anymore. At the same time I’m a Spanish resident but not but not Spanish. Identity’s the keyword. For now here’s my home and I miss the city when I’m away.

Mama, why?

The heat wave was still around Saturday, yay! I usually eat my breakfast on the balcony regardless if I have 5 minutes or longer. I could only handle half before seeking out the fan indoors to eat the rest as the amount of sweat was equal to a HITT workout at the moment. Both boys were flaked out by mid morning and neither minded me putting cold water on their bellies, paws, ears and head. Neither struggled in protest and both walked away with tails high. I think they appreciated the coolness.

Mama, yes why?

Surprise as it was a Saturday Tone It Up Beach Babe 5 and Bikini Series 2017 workouts instead of my own workouts before the beach and trip exploring El Borne on foot for a change to cycling. I ended up getting there later than I wanted as I was having way too much fun in the waves. 

The heat eased up a little Sunday which I was grateful for running. I ran a little earlier than usual but later than I wanted. The rest of the day was spent catching on chores, the beach to study and of course the zoo! Snacks, please. Zoo says no. Can’t see, sun’s in the way!Imposters

The heat wave gave way to wind, rain, cloudy skies and slighter cooler temps this week. It’s still been warm enough of the beach, but the wind chill factor means I can’t go for a dip as I’d spend the rest of my beach time trying to keep warm. And of course there’s been the gym, teaching, endless chores and beach runs!

Beach run viewIMG_4982Late afternoon beach view

August’s full moon cycling backIf you wear glasses, do you prefer glasses or contact lenses? I think I’d prefer contact lenses however as I only wear my glasses occasionally they’ve never really come up as an option.