Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

“3. That’s the magic number” I’m showing my age! I loved that song by De La Soul.

Cheese aside this weeks challenge is trio and it’s back Barcelona Zoo. Enjoy!

Three little birds. Another song I love along with the cheeky parakeets, descendants of zoo escapees that have made the city their home. Unfortunately for them, they’re spreading out beyond the city and are becoming considered a pest. But any animal who hangs around the zoo has sanctuary (they feed the feral cats) which these guys know all about. 3 little parakeetsSeagulls waiting for fish scraps, Barcelona ZooSeagulls Barcelona Zoo

Mouflon, Barcelona Zoo. These guys are the original sheep, which domestic sheep are descendants. Their eyelashes are something else! Mouflon, Barcelona ZooTrio Weekly Photo Challenge Trio

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

  1. Here is me showing my age… Do you know where De La Soul got the foundation for their song? The ABC cartoon series, Schoolhouse Rock…from the 1970’s. How is that for showing your age? Ok ..my age… 🙂 Have a great weekend Natalie!


    1. And I would have never made the connection anyway. Kids programs like this are usually still watched years later. My mum didn’t like me watching much tv. Not even Sesame Street which shows in the UK. Only educational, but she would have never have let me watch this even though it is! I did however love staying at my Grandparents as Sesame Street was allowed!!!

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    2. I know I’ve been MIA blogging recently and am catching up on posts. For some reason I can’t access your blog! It says it’s protected! I’ve requested access, so I hope it’s your blog and not some other…………..


      1. Hi Natalie, yes I had a photo harvester of the girls pics a few weeks ago from Russia. I gave you access, did you get in? I hope to be back on line in a week or so. I hope you are doing well!


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