Reflexology and Rainbows

I was more than okay for this past weekend to be a little more low key than action packed. Friday blocked sinuses thanks to allergies morphed into a blocked nose, sore throat and then cough that I’m nearly over. Saturday evening I couldn’t sleep, everything ached and in desperation I tried the head massager thingy which helped and then the idea of reflexology popped up. 

A quick Google search later for reflexology for block sinuses later I was breathing better. The site then suggested facial reflexology to help sinuses. I just wanted the cold gone and be able to sleep so I was okay lets try it. As long as I wake up, didn’t find the kiss the dragon pressure point I was game. In addition I tried to release the pressure point behind my ears by my jaw (which hurts!) I think I did it right as afterwards was like after an osteopath visit where they use your energy to heal. Energy was flowing everywhere. A few nerves were twitching, a few fingers moved, my shoulder twitched a few times and I swear I felt rapid eye movement. I was free to open my eyes at any time but I was lets see what happens. For the next 2 hours I think my body reset itself. I had get up to pee (detox) a few times, but when I did finally get up, my shoulders were no longer sore, I felt rested despite not getting much sleep with my nose feeling better until late afternoon.

Anyways, I leave you with a little weekend recap on the Thursday as that’s how it goes sometimes.

Friday run and running errands. The waves later were so much fun!One of the city’s many fake building facades while renovations are under way.

No gym on Saturdays which means Tone It Up workouts. I’m still enjoying the Beach Babe 5 workouts. The rest of the day was chores, the beach and managing to make Miin before they closed. I took a different way back, which felt like a mini explore seeing different sights. Even though I’ve cycled back this way a few times, the feeling of being someplace new was what I needed.

Arc de TrimofPalais de Justice

Sunday run up the coast and some monkey bar play. I skipped the previous Sunday’s run. I wasn’t feeling it (I think from overtraining) and chose instead a Dice Lida-Klein hour’s flow on Yogaglo which I enjoyed way more. I recently discovered his classes and am really enjoy them. He’s more into correct alignment, how to self correct during the classes and I enjoy the challenge they provide as well as the mental aspect.

Thankfully it wasn’t busy out running, a new wider pavement and traffic lights has been installed along a stretch of road that can be tricky running and cycling along and the beaches were nearly empty as most people have started their holidays. I just wish sometimes at the weekends the city’s (Barcelona) beaches were as empty. Every year they seem to get busier and busier.

Port fishBadalona beaches

Of course the beach and the zoo later! No app predicted rain or storms and with dark clouds starting to roll in shortly before I left the beach and it looking like it was likely to rain I choose the zoo anyway. I could shelter under a towel and the trees would provide some cover. One of the orangutans did the same, obviously way cuter and cooler than me! I got a little wet, my cold was fine, the lightening was amazing and it was so so refreshing being out in summer rain.

Please excuse the focus. I hadn’t checked the setting. Then me. Oh dear!

After rain must come sunshine and rainbows. And the feeling of space cycling back as the beaches cleared, bliss!Have you tired reflexology?