Gym Trials

Hope you had a great weekend!

Friday night I pretty much only had energy to make dinner and eat it. It was one of the nights were all I want to do is crash on the bed fast asleep, but my mind is telling me I’ve still got this and this to do. I say just a 10 minute nap and then then attack mode. I lie there with my mind and body playing tug of war. Sleep won. So alas, no Friday Favs again!

This weekend I started my gym trials, trying out different gyms in the area. After 3 years of training at home, I feel it’s time to go back to the gym. Until I find work, some days it feels like I can’t escape the house. Plus it’s been nearly 3 months since we’ve been here and I’ve made very few friends.

Just as I was about to leave Mr AJ sat under my bike. Protesting as he always watches me home train. IMG_3055

Anyways, back to school feeling Saturday. I made the rookie mistake of not packing my bag the night before so lost some time running around packing it. Headband, workout gloves, stop watch, deodorant, suspension trainer, towel, hair band, you get the idea! It’s amazing what we take to the gym. I used to be so organised with it! I choose my old gym, a city run one by the beach in the old town.

Deja vu walking the halls again. I recognised a few people, but if they remembered me, they kept it quiet. It’s amazing how in 3 years some people hardly change physically and others do or notice surroundings. I had a good workout, but the gym itself needs an up grade. The machines and dumbbells are still looking good. The fun stuff: bosus, medicine balls, resistance bands and suspension trainer were worn and old.

When I left, they had medicine balls from 2-10kg and now only 3kg, 5kg and 8kg remain. They’ve upgraded the spinning and paddle rooms (a Spanish cross of tennis and ping pong) but the class timetable hasn’t changed one bit! It felt a little dirty too, the air conditioning if it was on was unnoticeable (so a good sweaty workout!), but it’s still a contender with it’s outdoor terrace. It gets a point knocked off for being a 30 minute bike ride away. Basically 2 workouts back to back! In total I think I did about 3 workouts Saturday if you include the shopping.

Beach Saturday, sleeping off bike rides.


Paul’s somehow done his shoulder in probably from swimming and is finding it hard to turn or lift. Any plans were low key. It was down to this lady to get the groceries in! I did my best not to get sidetracked by Zara, but next season collections have arrived and I had to peek.

Sunday it was hot, hot, hot. I wanted to match last weeks 14km run. Evening would have been a better time to get my run on, but I like workouts and runs done and dusted. I don’t like them hanging over me. 14km was the distance and that’s what I was doing. No excuses. Just lots of *water breaks*. I think, I know I did, grimace aloud a few times. I had too much fun with bosu single leg deadlifts the day before. Thank you to the endurance runner for cheering me on in my last 2km back. I’d just paused for another *water break* after a steep slope and he cruises past all in white, steady pace like the heat was nothing, just an hindrance. If it hadn’t been for the breeze, I would have melted to the pavement. Just a few more weeks of this crazy heat to go. IMG_3096

Beach and super moon watch in the afternoon. Sundays moon was extra super as it was the largest and brightest this year. One like it won’t happen again until 2034.IMG_9291IMG_9296

Did you see the moon? What are your place of fitness requirements? Does anyone know the code for removing photos on google images? I’d like some privacy!

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