Suncream Woes

I love summer and the freedom it brings of not wearing so many layers as winter. One important summer must with those less layers is suncream. The only downside of suncream are the marks it leaves. Lovely yellow or white streaks across tops, shorts and my bag or with some suncreams the fragrance that sinks into clothes that no about of washing can get out.

I’m probably one of the few girls who doesn’t like nail polish (I don’t like the way it feels on the nail. It’s like they’ve been dipped in wax), but I do own nail polish remover as it’s great at cleaning faux leather polyester bags. Just dab some on cotton wool and wipe over the stains et voila, 90% of discolouration from clothes dye, suncream and make-up especially on white faux leather bags disappears. I’ve discovered that it’s great for removing glue from places where it shouldn’t.IMG_3012

Another suncream problem is what it leaves on my bike seat. I know, kinda of an odd thing to talk about, but it gets everywhere! I wear shorts biking and it still gets there! If I wear white or lighter colour shorts cycling, yellow streaks appear on my behind. Not the pristine white look I was going for. In desperation the other day I used kitchen paper swabbed in 96% alcohol and it removed most of the suncream off the seat. Yay! 96% alcohol is also great at cleaning keyboards, phones and iPads. It removes smudges, sticky marks and bacteria. A must for phones as spots can appear on the side of your face you use the phone most. IMG_3013

What are your suncream where it should be removal tips? Or is it just me that gets it everywhere? What’s your favourite brand of suncream? I always go for brands not tested on animals. I’d prefer to use natural suncreams like Coola (the best! Feels like silk when you put it on and doesn’t leave your skin feeling gunky hours later!), but they can be expensive in Europe. Especially for the amount I get through, even just out and about running errands.



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    Lol I go for the shop stuff unfortunately or a light long sleeve top! I burn far too easily :-/

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      Coola’s only when it’s on offer which isn’t often! For a change from years of Nivea, I switched this year thanks to Boots international Soltan. The dry lotion is the nicest. I burn easily too, so always go for spf 50 but spf 50 can be so thick. So thick it makes me angry the second I put it on! Some of soltan’s spf 50’s are like that. And don’t get me started on the stains they leave or white glow! X

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