Hydrate Yourself!

Last week it was jumpers and body warmers, this week it’s warm parkas. After Sundays run, I’m seriously thinking about a fleecy headband that keeps my ears snug! The coast here is open more to the wind than in France and now I’m running longer distances, I’ll need to wrap warmer this winter than my shorter runs. My ears started to bite 12km into 14km. All I could think about was how I would feel if my ears were toasty warm in an ear warmer headband!

If you want to catch a cat, use a blanket or a parka that you’ve only had five minutes. Diesel didn’t budge all night!IMG_1477

Wrapping warm is must now and so is hydration. All summer long we’re told to Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Hydration the in the winter is just as essential! For about the past week or more, I’ve noticed changes in the my skin. It’s been a lot more oily, flaking and feeling tight. Signs it’s dehydrated. I have combination skin, which actually produces more oil, the more deydrated it gets! In the evenings, I’d have slight headaches and feel legartic. When I realised that the headaches were the same as when I’ve felt dehydrated, it all fell into place. I’m not drinking enough water! I’m still eating the same amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, I just haven’t been refilling my glass or water bottle as much. Literally as soon as I started drinking more water, my skin was immediately happy.IMG_1399

In the winter, it’s easy to drink less water, but with the up and coming months of alternating cold fresh air and hot air conditioning that both zap the moisture out our skin ahead, staying hydrated still a number one priority! Non caffeinated drinks, fruit infused water and juices count, but nothing beats H20. I personally can’t drink ice cold water even in the summer and prefer room temperature water. It hydrates quicker and doesn’t leave me thirsty (strange I know). Occasionally when the cold really bites, I’ll have hot water. To take away the boiled water taste, I add a few slices of lemon and have little detox and vitamin C boost at the same time!

And what would be a Monday without Sundays run view? During the summer, this beach is full of nudists in all their glory!IMG_1410

How do you stay hydrated cooler months. Do you forget or make an effort to hydrate in the winter?



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