Friday Faves

I always find it challenging at times to start writing. That first sentance. It gets me. Do I talk about the weather, make small chat or just delve straight in?

My run was a tough one this morning. Intervals, heavy legs and a headwind. I was feeling the leg curls and extensions from yesterday. To get reaquinted with resistance machines in the gym again for my trainer/gym instructor exam in 2 weeks, I tagged some machine work on after my workout yesterday. It’s been a long time since I last used them. I could just handle the intervals and the stadium steps!

Run vista. Approx 7.5km (Nikeplus has died on me) and my favourite palm tree!

This week’s Friday Faves. Eclectic as always.

96% AlcoholIMG_3013

I’ve found this is great for removing foundation, powder and other make up marks from gilets/vests and quilted parka’s/sleeping bag coat collars. Rubbed on with a kitchen towel, it removes the worst of it without having to wash the entire item.

Marie Wilcox

According the United Nations out of the 7,000 languages spoken today, only half will before spoken by 2100. As the last fluent speaker from the Wukchumni tribe in California and with only 200 tribe members left, Maria Wilcox doesn’t want her language to go when she’s goes. This amazing 81 year old has spent the last 7 years compiling a dictionary, recording stories and working with the younger tribe members to keep her language alive. Please check out her truly amazing story.

Oysho Snow Pants/PJs


I found these in Oysho this week and have been grateful for their snuggability and comfyness now it’s got cold at night. I especially love the taper that stops them from being too slouchy.

AJ and DD


Aj’s eyes and and tummy problems are getting better slowly. His cat probiotics, I think are working. Both are playing more and wanting trips down the corridor. Nearly every evening of the past few weeks, I’ve opened the front door and D especially shoots out to check out the corridor. Crazy cats!

A short and sweet Friday Faves. I’m hoping this weekend amongst studying, running, gym and World Press Photo exhibition to get a few craft projects done. Hoping! Have great weekend!

What’s been making you smile this week?



  1. says:

    That first picture is amazing! Is that what you see when you run?

    1. says:

      Yes! Most days! I find the sea is beautiful all year round!

      1. says:

        Thats the best motivation to run!

      2. says:

        It is! I’ll take running outdoors any day!

  2. says:

    Oh those pants, I just want to lounge by the fireplace in them! 🙂 – Lena

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