Morning Yoga, Fingerless Mittens and Cold

Chilly doesn’t cut it for the mornings and evenings now. Maybe in the midday sun, but I’ve dug out my quilted body warmer/vest and fluffy scarves. The cold’s here!

For a change I began this morning with a 30 minute rise and shine yoga flow from doyogawithme. A nice way to start the day before heading the the gym for the first time in 3 years after training at home. I wanted to get to there early, but the day had other plans as I didn’t end up getting there until late afternoon. A big wake up call slap in the face! (In my defence I got caught researching how to stop my all posts and all my images coming up on Google as individual searches. If anyone knows how to a on wordpress hosted site stop this so my blog is just one search option, not every single post and just a few images under images, please share the know how! I believe the only option is to go to Bluehost and maybe change the theme.) It was deja vu being back. Some new faces and some that never change. I was able to up the weights which I’ve been wanting to do and had probably too much fun with medicine ball slams with an 180 degree jump squat! I’ve been itching to do them for a few weeks and have resisted as to not annoy the neighbours or wreck the floorboards.

It was all about fingerless mittens running yesterday. I must have looked a sight running in leggings, a t-shirt and fingerless muffins! I’ve found they’re great this time of year when you know 10 mintues into your run you’ve over dressed. My hands and shoulders get cold quite quickly while my arms get hot easily. I’m saving my running gloves for when the cold really bites. Until it’s too nippy for just a t shirt, they keep the backs of my hands warm without my hands overheating. They also solve that issue of sleeves up to cool down or leave sleeves down to keep the backs of hands warm until it’s officially cold weather running season!


8km along the beachesIMG_1374

How do you dress for running, cycling, hiking etc when it’s just starting to get cold? Do you go all out full winter gear or hold off?


  1. says:

    Morning yoga is a great idea to start the day!! 🙂 xo~ Lena

    1. says:

      It is! Especially when the sun shining!

  2. It is so hard trying to decide what to wear running Natalie. (calling for wet snow tonight here in Canada). Going out running with a friend tomorrow after work, have already put a bag in the car with different layering options! 🙂

    1. says:

      Wet snow! I think in the UK we call that sleet. That’s even worse than walking, driving, running anything in the snow.

      Hope you had a great run and didn’t overheat or get too cold!

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    I try to wear shorts for as long as I can before I layer up! I still haven’t ran yet — I want to be 100% before I get out there. I’m like 90% good in terms of running. Hopefully I’ll be good to go before training starts up again.

    Love your running view. I’m absolutely jealous!!!!

    1. says:

      10 minutes in I wished I’d have worn shorts! I try to dress like it’s 10 degrees warmer running, the but warm up always gets me!

      I got my fingers crossed for 100%

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