Temporarily Out of Play

Yep, Osteopath has suspended play for a while, as my achilles tendon is playing up.

It started about 4 years ago after a morning run. I went up the stairs heard a pop in my left ankle and felt like an elastic band had pinged. Thought uh-oh but nothing more. It happened a few times after running (going up stairs) and in yoga. I knew it wasn’t good news, but I didn’t want to hear it. Fast forward four years of no ankle problems and during yoga a few weeks ago pop. Ever since then it’s been niggly and I had to get it checked out.


I went to a very highly recommended Osteopath in Antibes who has suspended play for a while. Basically due to being bow legged, (so glamorous!) this biomechanics fault means too much pressure build up between the tarsals, fibula and tibia (foot and lower leg bones) and Achilles due to misalignment of the fibula, tibia with the femur (lower and upper leg bones respectively). This causes things to operate under abnormal conditions, which means I have to be very careful about my foot placement, pressure and how much I stretch.

Osteopaths orders: No running for 72hrs, no workouts for 24hrs (and then within reason…nothing that places tendon under unnecessary strain). Cycling and swimming okay. Don’t go crazy and any sensation of uh-oh stop. Massage to kept good blood flow, stretch (again with in reason, no downward dogs without proper warm up) and see you in 12 days with all the trainers you use to see if they’re right. Good news I know what it is. Bad news it’s the Achilles. Our strongest tendon is also one of our weakest spots. If it goes, out of action for a good six months.

I’m relieved it’s not too serious for now and been told to rest. When you do sport, exercise it’s like a drug thanks to the endorphin hit it produces. When someone exercises a lot, (you have to have that hit) it’s hard for them to stop mentally more than phsyically. I knew I needed to slow down, but I was waiting until my guy’s back when I would naturally scale back to allow for motorbike trips. I guess my body couldn’t wait!

Thursday’s workout (pre osteopath) was a total body strength with cardio blasts at 75% of normal go get it pace due to the ankle. I cut back on added resistance and took my time.


In the afternoon I met a friend I hadn’t seen for a long time (a year!) who’s also a fitness nut. She’s recently had a baby boy (who has the biggest most beautiful smiles for his Mama!) and is now easing into fitness again. It was good to catch up!

Peppermint Raspberry juice. More peppermint than raspberry.

It was warm enough for the beach, so I escaped for an hour. Cycling back I avoid all hills to avoid putting pressure on the ankle. It wasn’t too happy when I got back. I said do some chores then just 30 mins rest on the sofa. 6 hrs later I woke before swapping the sofa for bed. I must have needed it.

Friday I decided for one last workout before the unknown. Tone It Up Beach Babe DVD 2, HIIT The Beach routine it was, very carefully before seeing the osteopath.


The stairs have been interesting up and down. Shuffling one step at a time! Had a very nerve wrecking bike ride before telling myself to at least attempt to relax! All the tension isn’t good on the ankle. After I relaxed it wasn’t so bad! So another quiet weekend, but hopefully one hospital free!

As it’s Friday and I’m snap happy, my fav photos of the week!

IMG_7724How they did this amazes me! How did they get the buoy, balance it, I mean it must weight a ton!

IMG_7751 - Version 2

Tuesday’s sunrise.

IMG_7760 - Version 2

I love how the cloud is reflected on the sea.


Three photos or one? Wednesday run.


Thursday’s arm candy


If you’re ever in the South of France and need an osteopath stat…

What ever your plans are for the weekend I hope it’s a good one!

Do you listen to your body? Do you ignore something even though that feeling inside is screaming ‘It’s not okay’?

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