Going Out On School Nights

I’ve recovered from going out every school night last week. Going out on school nights usually entails coming back late from shopping, not indoor karting, manicures, pedicures, chair dancing at a jazz blues jam session, finding delight in vegan burgers out or ferry spotting so my nephew gets a photo of Ant and Dec’s cruise ship in Barcelona (not joking).Palo Alto Market Fashion Weekend

Happy Belated April! Yesterday was the first day in months there was warmth in the air. Not warm enough to walk around in flip flops as I noted quite a few tourists doing. I’m sure they were staring at the locals asking themselves why are they still in jackers, scarves and puffer coats.

Anyways, you know the drill. Photos.

P took me when he was here last week indoor karting. I was slow and I mean slow (I thought I was racing!). I’ve never been before and had a blast. Bonus we had the whole track to ourselves and I want to go back redeem my pace. Though slow, I loved those hairpins!Indoor Karting Barcelona Indoor Karting Barcelona

Earlier last week, I found out that Miin (Korean Cosmetic store here) was holding a stall at Palo Alto Market Fashion Weekend. Marketed as a flea market it’s more designer and artisan. Palo Alto Market started up a few years ago and every few months in an I believe an old brewery down the road from me. It usually alternates between fashion, food and art each show weekend. Entry is €3. I’ll be honest, it was way too hipster for me (think Old Spitalfields Market). I was happier shopping in the shopping centre/mall later. That said, the venue itself was amazing. Full of tropical leaves, draping vines and lilacs.

Palo Alto Fashion Weekend

Palo Alto Fashion Weekend

There’s a live band, numerous food trucks (sadly no vegan, that I could find. There was a veggie burrito, but I wasn’t in the mood for a burrito), bars and a concept art gallery.

Palo Alto Fashion Weekend

I found the local Hells Angels hangout outside! Hells Angels Barcelona

My past few runs, my legs have been asking to walk. I skipped Sunday’s usual long run for a long bike ride. I misjudged wind strength coming back and was kinda cursing myself for not saying, okay, today just yoga instead of a marathon bike ride. There’s usually only one way to learn. The hard way. Sunday Marathon Bike ride

And of course there was a trip to the zoo. I would go everyday if I could. Not joking. Mangabeys Barcelona Zoo

Moments old baby mouflon. moments old baby mouflon, Barcelona Zoo Lions Barcelona ZooWallaby Barcelona ZooAnt and Dec’s cruise ship. Regular P&O ferry, but if you look very closely, a film studio on deck.Ant and Dec's Cruise Ship Barcelona Ant and Dec's Cruise ship, Barcelona

Best way to learn a lesson? The easy way or the hard way? Have a great rest of the week!

4 thoughts on “Going Out On School Nights

    1. Ant and Dec are a British entertainment duo who’ve been around for years.
      The market was way too hipster for me. I ain’t that cool! No idea if the food was expensive. No vegan food, so no eats 🙂


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