Easter Break

After 4 months wearing a mid thigh length winter coat, I’ve felt kinda exposed in a hip length jacket this week.Spring!

Spring temps arrived this week. Cycling Monday, I overheated in my winter coat (running late didn’t help). Switching to a shorter jacket, while it’s nice feeling the sunshine on parts previously covered up, I seriously felt exposed! As the temps warm up, until it’s short weather, tops that are longer at the back than the front will be in rotation. I don’t mind showing off my arms and shoulders, my derrière wasn’t in the booty queue so it gets covered up! I’ve noticed that girls who have no problem building muscle, leaning out their upper half, the lower half is another story (moi). Vice versa I’ve noticed for girls who have no problems building sculpting a booty, their upper body doesn’t pop as much. Obviously there are some exceptions (Giselle), this is purely based on my observations.

I hope you’re having a great week! P’s here for a few days (yay; motorbiked chauffeured and meal requests that materialise! Only joking!). Anyways, still working on getting back into a regular blogging schedule so in my usual explanation of being absent, photos!

This past Saturday, we headed out the city to Platja d”Aro to walk more of the Cami de Ronda. Last time, it got too dark to go far and we had to turn back early. This time, we made it with 1.5 hours of daylight left and were able to climb the cliff that made us turn back last time. The route is meant to go all the way to Palamos following the old anti smuggling route along the coast through numerous calas/coves. Some cut through tunnels are blocked up by the council, hence climbing over the mini cliffs. Other blocked tunnels, people have cut through the wire fences making holes just wide enough to squeeze through. Again we ran out of light and walked hiked back only using torches (thanks phone!) in the tunnels and places were the safety barriers were non existent. The rest of the way was guided by the stars and dusk.Cami de RondaCami de Ronda

Cami de Ronda

And of course a zoo visit!Rhino Barcelona ZooCoypu Barcelona ZooLions, Barcelona ZooBreakfast with these 2 AJ and DA very rare night out to Harlem Jazz Clubs, jazz and blues jam night. I chair danced the whole time (not in that way!). My Grandpa would have been proud! Harlem Jazz Club, Barcelona ZooHarlem Jazz Club, Barcelona A trip to Parc Guell (more in another post soon)Parc Guell, Barcelona And the usual beach runs and gym. I can now clear the bar eyebrow height for muscles ups. They’re not pretty, but 2 weeks ago I couldn’t clear it for ….. . Beach runs

Happy to add/shed layers with a new season? Have a great week!


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  2. says:

    What beautiful photos. Looks like a cool place to discover.
    I’m a chair dancer at times too.

    1. says:

      Thank you!
      The lady in front of me was a major chair dancer. She didn’t stop bopping the whole time!

  3. says:

    Great pics as always! Thanksfor sharing!

  4. says:

    This sounds like such a fun trip, I love the pictures of the animals. 🙂

    1. says:

      Thank you! I could go to the zoo everyday if I could 🙂

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