Hello Spring

Happy Spring/Autumn!Sunrise over med

I can’t believe how much this past week has flown by! Or where the year’s gone already. I spent the weekend sorting out what I thought would be a quick sort out of a cupboard shelf the KonMari Method style. Ha ha! More papers I’d forgotten about and in the process, suitcases on top of the cupboard fell down on top of me including my art folder from High School and 6th Form College. That send me down of path of chuck this painting and that painting, wait, why didn’t I continue drawing (pen, charcoal and pencil), I was kinda good at it! Oh yeah, it wasn’t encouraged. A, because the teachers liked paintings and sculptures and B, at 16/18 when you’re searching for direction, you don’t always see what you’re good at if nobody points it out and you don’t realise! But I’ve come to realise that at school we’re get the impression you can only be or do one thing or at least that’s how it was back in my school days. But we’re multi layered, complex, can have a wide range of skills and interests that appear completed unrelated to each other. Wait, that’s called hobbies/interests!And if you work it right, hobbies interests can become paid employment. You just have to believe in yourself even if no one else does. Oh, this is a prep talk to myself?

Anyways, my usual way of explaining my absence this week aside from time, photos!

Winters last moon Winters last moon

In-between the sunny days, it’s been overcast and rainy. Perfect for surfers and running. Cycling, I managed not to get caught out in it. Shopping one evening however it chucked in down so heavily, I had to buy an umbrella from the nearest shop. Which just happened to be Zara Home, so obviously I walked out with more than an umbrella. Thankfully it has stopped by the time I cycled back! Surfers and SUP BarcelonaMist over the seaSurfers BarcelonetaRain Barcelona  New Umbrella Hogwarts? Mutua Universal Barcelona Mutual Universal Barcelona Celebrating Earth HourEarth Hour 2016No slides? No props! Gym wipe down paper makes a great substitute. They’re not perfect and don’t always slide smoothly, but you still target the core and well, everything!Paper towel slides

I’ve been following lunar hair cutting for a year in a bid for longer hair. Depending on your hair wants and needs you get it cut during a waxing or waning moon. My hair wants and needs is long hair. Maybe it’s the leaving it 3 months between a cut so the moon magic is more powerful around Equinoxes and Solstice’s that’s made it longer. Or that I left it 3 months between cuts. Either way, it’s longer!Hair cut!

I made the zoo! Spring opening times means it’s easier to make the last gates. Baby Wallaby JoeyDucks Barcelona Zoo

I wanna be a penguin. Cats and penguins Penguin Barcelona ZooZoo cat, Barcelona ZooElegant table mannersMara Mara, Barcelona ZooSprings 1st Sunset Spring 2016 1st SunsetThe reason why no Weekend Friday Favourites. Making Summer presents under the disguise of Easter presents. DIY-ing bracelets.

Did you celebrate Earth Hour? I snuggled up with cats catching up news, internet on my phone so I’m not sure if I followed the no electric light rules. Technically the phone isn’t a light and my only source of light were candles. Okay. Anyways, have a great long Easter Weekend if you celebrate it and if you don’t, have a great weekend regardless!


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    So many beautiful pictures, I love that city scape in the rain! 🙂

    1. says:

      Thank you! It doesn’t rain often here, but when it does, it means it! xx

  2. Those bracelets are so cute! And great night photography in the rain. 🙂

    Have a great Easter weekend!!

    1. says:

      Thank you (I’ll take orders, hee hee!) Hope you had a great Easter Weekend or your version of it 🙂

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