Finally a moment to catch my breath and say hi! I’ve missed stopping by checking.

The past week’s been little loco. Aj had the vets for blood tests, I’ve been getting to the gym a little earlier but I haven’t been getting up earlier and feel like the mornings half gone. I’m still job hunting (fitness training thing isn’t working out), I’ve been caught out in the rain, had to buy a emergency waterproofs to cycle back in as mine weren’t doing their job, hung the entire contents of my bags out to dry (no drying Euro notes on the washing stand which I have done!). 6 weeks were up on my ear piercings and I couldn’t remove them. I knew I had to unscrew the backs but I couldn’t get a grip on them. I was just turning the whole earring around and around. I ended up going back the tattoo place for help. Thankfully the receptionist was laughing with me and with a knowing smile asked if I’d tried latex gloves. Nope. They did the trick. I got the feeling I’m not the only one who’s erm, how the F do I remove these!

If I can just…

Throw in a little food prep, at home mani and pedi as it’s cheaper than going to a salon, ignoring social media so I can get stuff done, I’m left feeling like everybody’s getting ahead while I’m cleaning. The past few days (okay weeks) it’s felt like everybody’s 10 steps ahead while I’m one step forward 2 steps back. Kinda like the blogs that go from 0-100 within days with a cruising speed of 100 while you’re driving Miss Daisy wondering what their formula is. That might be because they put more time and effort in, Nat.

Waiting out the rain

Sob story aside if you’re still here, AJ’s blood results came back good, I made the zoo for longer than an hour a few times, I celebrated Earth Hour with the cats, P’s here for a few weeks (no cooking!) with presents from las Americas for the cats and I and I’ve been lucky with a few bargains recently. My mum for a long time had a voice or feeling when something was right. Not the intuition, gut feeling but a voice that knew the right tombola or raffle ticket number, the right amount of guess the items in a jar type voice. She won so many things she ended up ignoring the voice as she wasn’t comfortable with it. While my brother and her are the ones that hear and feel ghosts, something I leave to them, I get a voice or feeling to check out things, go places on a certain day or time find exactly what I looking for or after or ‘by chance’ be there to find it (I seem to always know when Instyle USA magazine’s finally arrived in Spain. The day varies around the same time every month and although I stalk the shop for a week or 2, 9/10 I wake up and think Instyle’s here et voila), slow down running before a car takes over the whole road etc. I can also go to a place once and generally it’s mapped out in my brain for the next time. That’s not to say I get lost disoriented at times.

Summer’s whispering hello

Last Wednesday was one of the them. I’ve been admiring a Free People’s dress/long tunic for the summer on asos. com. I try not to go often on asos as I’m trying to get out of fast fashion however a voice said checkout out asos and they were having a 20% off select dresses day. Out of the 3 Free People dresses discounted the one I’d been stalking was on offer. Bingo! I found nice pair of everyday Nike’s that were in out and the basket as something was saying no, don’t get them from asos. I’m glad I listened as on nike.es they were about €15 cheaper even with conversion from £ to € (I’ve also learnt it’s cheaper to buy in £ than in € on asos even with conversion. That price difference is what pays for ‘free shipping’). Something said check them out in store first. I did but I didn’t like the fit or style. I did find a much nicer cheaper pair of Nikes for the summer instead with 20% off and a pair of Nike training.gym trainers with €25 off.

2 weeks ago I was about to order the same mud mask and that little voice said no, wait. A week later I found a Caolion mask that’s even better. Same with an overnight mask. Don’t not order the same, wait a little while. I found one I’ve been wanting to try cheaper than in store. On the way to the tattoo place I took a different route and noticed a scarf shop I’d never usually enter. On the way back I made of point of popping in and found a Spring scarf I’ve been after. That’s kinda balance right? Finding gems when not finding time.

Presents from Las Americas and 1 Korean product via Sephora

Earth Hour with cats. The idea was an hours Yogaglo class by candlelight. I still had cup of tea to finish at 20.30 and ended up watching Grace and Frankie on the yoga mat by candlelight. Yoga resumed when the lights went back on which was a good thing as yoga by candlelight when those candles are less than a meter way from the top of your mat not so much of a good idea.

Do you listen to you inner voice?  Do you have an inner shopping or hunting voice because isn’t shopping just modern day hunting and foraging? Still got those early human instincts.


  1. says:

    I’ve never heard of asos.com before.
    I think it’s good to take break from SM. It really takes up a lot of time.

    1. says:

      You’re right it does take up a lot of time! I miss sometimes. What makes me laugh on IG is you get a load of followers, don’t check in for 3 days then loose them all! Mostly the large accounts that want you to follow them or want to be your fitness inspiration. Where to they get the time to check you’re following and unfollow. I guess there’s an app for that!
      I think you’ll like asos.com. Somethings can be a bit cheap and poor quality, but they do have some gems if you’re willing to search and be patient. I remember back when they first started out and were As Seen On Screen (asos) where they searched what actresses (Carrie Bradshaw) was wearing and/or more affordable versions. I’m showing my age!

  2. says:

    I absolutely understand how you are feeling. I took some time off of blogging and social media to catch up. It can suck the life out of you. I LOVE asos.com. I always find my favorite dresses on there and last time I was pregnant I found the only flattering maternity dress I’ve ever noticed. They are magical over there!

    1. says:

      I agree, social media can suck the life out of you. I don’t know how people post everyday, manage to read other blogs, IG post, comment and get other stuff done. Even more if they’re mums!
      asos.com does have some nice things, if you’re prepared to spend some time scrolling through. I like their returns system. Drop off at a local courier pick up place (mine’s a locksmith and t-shirt printer!) for free returns! No post office, no paying extra for it!

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