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While I haven’t been checking in as much as I’d like the past few weeks, I’ve still been taking just as many if not more photos on my travels. A lot and if you include the zoo up there in the 1000’s. I try not to take many zoo photos, but ‘must capture’ it takes over in my escape from everything place. Anyways, keeping it short and sweet….

The chiringuitos are back ready for Easter and the summer

Intermittent rainy season’s begun. It’s sunny for days then 1 day or morning/afternoon of rain. Which the weather apps don’t always predict. 

An old school London double decker bus appeared by Port Forum.

Which was set up as a bar, juice, snack place. I’ve no idea if it’s for a one off concert or for the summer like the chiringuitos. I’m not entirely sure as they spent 2 weeks setting it up. And I’m not sure what’s up with the horse box/Coke Cola vending machine.

Wisteria which I initially mistook for one of my favourite scents lilac’s in bloom at the zoo. It still smells heavenly like lilacs. Jasmine bushes (another of my favourite scents) in a few parks are also starting to flower. The other evening I made a point of cycling the longer way through one just so I could inhale their warm rich scent. 

I’ve been running in shorts! Lemurs have beat me to sun siestas. It’s okay to sit out midday, late afternoon when I get time, it’s still a little chilly with the wind. 

Somewhere up a mountain in Parc natural de Montenegro i el Corredor just before sunset. The motorbike ride up the mountain path just went on and on with sports bra needed until P switched on the off road suspension. Thankfully coming back down in the dark his motorbike lights are just as good if not better than a car. Some sides down hidden under trees and ivy were steep but it was worth it to hear the buzz of silence. And birds. 

Lion guarding Caixa Catalunya bank up Via Laietana. They’ve been there for eons but I’ve only just noticed them. I think they’ve been under tarpaulin for months, or at least one side of the building has and that’s my excuse. I always look at the clock, just never noticed them before!

Leaving the Correos (post office) Via Laietana around 8pm and still light. It gets dark dark around 9pm!

Baby goats and baby gazelles at the zoo :)

Butterfly rescue. Running along the shoreline I noticed something moving as the sea lapped the sand. Thinking it was a piece of plastic to remove (I constantly pick up litter mostly plastic drinking straws running along the beaches. Somedays I want to leave it, but I think animals, birds, turtles. I get odd looks, but whatever. I leave however the insides/cotton bits of sanitary pads. It took me a few weeks to realise what they were (didn’t pick them up even when I didn’t know!). There’s a water processing plant close by and after a bad storm they wash up) it was a actually a butterfly. I couldn’t leave it covered in sand, so 10 minutes later after gently removing the sand with a piece of non plastic straw, I left him/her drying for more adventures.

What’s been changing around you out and about as the season’s changing?


  1. says:

    It’s a bit warmer here too but raining alot. I also love jasmine bushes!

    1. says:

      It’s still a little chilly at night here. Rain’s stopped for now.

      I love the scent of jasmine after a long hot Spring/Summer day. It smells so heavenly!

  2. says:

    Poor butterfly. I like the London bus cafe. Looks like a fun spot.

    1. says:

      I think it’s there to stay of the summer. Juice bar and Dj’s, hipster paradise!

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