‘Tis The Season

It’s finally jumper (sweater for non Brits) season in Barcelona! Daylight saving ended Sunday and it’s like switch had been flicked. Saturday it was just warm enough until around 5pm for beach siestas. Sunday, only the brave and pigeons were out taking them. Yesterday as I cycled along the beaches around 4pm, they were virtually empty. A sure sign it’s now autumn. IMG_8587

Summer will always be my favourite season however, I’m relived it’s now cooler. I feel cooler months are more productive without the heat to contend with. This week is my last week of theory study and coursework before my practical gym assessment in 3 weeks. With the last two units due in this week, most of my weekend was spent completing them (thank you to Paul for my lunches and dinners!). I did get workouts in and venture out for bike rides, a run and black skinny jeans hunting.

Last day of Daylight saving or British Summer Time as I/British call it. I can never get my head around the ‘summer’ part. IMG_1159

14.km run Sunday along the beaches the other way looking back to Barcelona.IMG_8512Bike ride along the beaches the other way. Sunset over Montjuic from W hotel Sunday.


Aj eying up my mat. We’re still debating whose mat it is. A great workout yesterday. To imitate reverse lunges on a Pilates reformer, I used slides or in my case cut up pillow cases. A simple change that fired up the legs! IMG_1311And black skinny jeans. I’m still searching! It’s hard to find a pair that isn’t high waisted, up to my armpits or requires the hem taken up. I’m 5’5/165.1cm, more torso than leg and stick to 30/29″ leg which is hard to find here. I can get the hem taken up, but I find with skinny jeans the shape is in the original hem as it accommodates the knee. Tops especially tank tops that aren’t cropped, for the coming party season, voluminous (more humungous than voluminous) or require high waisted jeans are proving tricky to find too. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places! If you know a great brand that has black skinny jeans for petites or have shorter legs lengths, please shout!

What’s your view on high waisted jeans? Are they a yay or nay?! Have you tired cloths or paper plates as a slides?



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    Oh wow! I had no idea that “jumper” meant “sweater”. I was really thinking of the jumper suit. I haven’t shopped for jeans in awhile. The last pair I bought that were affordable were from Forever 21. I know, I’m totally not close to 21, but hey, they still fit, so I’ll pretend I’m still 21. 🙂

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      Ha Ha! I love Forever 21! There was one here, but it closed down as it wasn’t the Spanish idea of American (Hollister, Double Agent yes!) and wasn’t doing so well. They are opening a smaller store up soon in the same mall, I hope before Christmas. I have some jeans from them, but they’re a bit itchy and attract AJs’ fur.

      Your jumper suit we call a jumpsuit! Your vest, we call a waistcoat. Our vest is a tank top but we call it both! I speak two English languages!

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    I like high waisted jeans, especially paired with high heels they really elongate the legs! I like Paige denim they have great quality skinny jeans for a reasonable price! Happy wednesday Natalie! xo~ Lena

    1. says:

      Sadly, I don’t live a life of high heels! I cycle most places and heels are totally impractical for me! I’ll definitely check out Paige denim, thank you!

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