Weekend Friday Favourites

I hope you’re having a great weekend! I can’t believe in a few weeks it’s May, mine and AJ’s (the cat) birthday month. Time’s flying waaaay too quick. Not to mention the end of May’s my 3rd Spartan/2nd Spartan Super Run!

Anyways, Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye this week on a Monday. Yesterday was such a long day I could hardly keep my eyes open editing hence being a Monday Weekend Friday Favourites.

Easter Chickens

My sister send me these cute chickens she made as an Easter present. She’d make a killing on Esty, but doesn’t think she’s good enough or has the time. I think she’s more than good enough.

Souley Green Tote Bags

After watching a Kristen Leo YouTube video I fell in love with her tote bag. The link sent me to Souley Green Singapore’s first vegan online store. I couldn’t decide between the 2 so got both. Not so zero waste being sent from Singapore, however I Iove the designs and message. 5 percent of their profits every month goes to different animal welfare organisations and the best bit was receiving a hand written note hoping I enjoy them as much as them. Both are 100% organic cotton, Fair Trade and made by women in Kolkata, India who were once marginalised and trapped by poverty and prostitution. Though I always have a tote bag folded up in my backpack, they came at the perfect time now most places not just supermarkets charge for plastic bags. 

Aj and DIMG_1132

Just because

Peacock, Barcelona Zoo

This guy was more than happy to pose for me. Water reflection, something I always like to photograph.

Sandbag Flips

I think I may have mentioned these previously in a WFF; Sandbag flips a favourite of mine were in my training this week. My gym doesn’t have tyres to flip, so I use the heaviest sandbag and flip that. It works just about every single muscle especially the bum, abs, back and shoulders. With Spartan Beast 6 weeks away while the main race obstacles remain the same, the additional obstacles vary, some races have log flips, so my training’s getting more dynamic.  But don’t ask about muscles ups for the walls. Not going so great (read haven’t practiced).

Gallery Market BarcelonaIMG_1010

Meeting a friend for tea/coffee last weekend, we came across Gallery Market Barcelona being held at the Gallery Hotel, one of the city’s many pop up/artisan markets and were both game to look around. Lots of local designers, jewellery stands and boutiques. We had fun looking around escaping the rain. I keep forgetting to look at earrings. Though I’ve had my ears pierced for years I’ve always stick to much the same studs. The past 2 years I’ve switched up my studs and I’m forever on the look out for small studs now I got my ears pierced again. I forgot to look at the earrings, but I did find some colourful bracelets for the summer. 

Beach Runs

It’s been warm enough to run in shorts and a t-shirt for a while and Friday was the first time running in shorts and tank top. Whoop Whoop! Feeling the warm sunshine on my skin (with spf50 slapped on of course) makes me happy.

Internet Finds 

‘Condemned’ South Korean dogs find sanctuary in the US. BBC

Orange Goo, used in armour for soldiers. CNN

Britain’s classic red telephone boxes get a new life. CNN

Jeff de Young: The dog who saved my life and came to live with me. BBC

Free Syrian Police go unarmed to help their community. BBC

Atmosphere found around Earth like planet GJ 1132b. BBC

New Sapphire rush in Madagascar threatens rare species of lemurs. CNN

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great week!


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  2. says:

    So amazing Natalie. You are going to crush this Spartan Beast. I have never flipped sand bags or tires, but I can picture it requiring a lot of explosive brute strength.

    The life of a dog is so different from what they have in Canada or Spain from South Korea. A neighbour of ours has a 22 year old daughter who went to South Korea to teach, and after her 2 year contract she returned with 2 rescue dogs. They are so much loved in their new home, their fate was pretty much sealed in South Korea. My neighbour mentioned dog consumption is declining, your article did mention there is a lot of restaurants still have dog on the menu.

    On a more happy note , we are enjoying warmer here in Canada. Particularly for running, it is shorts and T-shirt weather, which makes me smile. We has one day that got up to 18 Celsius. 🙂

    1. says:

      Thank you! It’s actually my 2nd Super (I’ve edited my mistake!). The Beast will be another day as it’s a half marathon and I haven’t trained the distances. Last time the Beast took 5 hours 46mins! Tyre flips require more strength due to the size and you have squat low to pick them up. I know one obstacle which I haven’t had yet are log flips, so that’s why I’m practicing ‘technique’ just in case.

      The life of a dog is better in the west although not for some. Galgos and greyhounds have it bad in Spain. Galgos are a Spanish breed of greyhounds used for hunting. Many are hung from trees when they’re ‘no longer of use’ or left out in the streets. There are organisations helping and helping to stop the practice. I think greyhounds all over have it bad after their ‘prime’ racing. Dog and cat meat consumption is declining in Asia (check out soidog.com I think you’ll like them!) and Taiwan this week announced they’re banning it dog and cat meat for human consumption (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-39573426) which is a start!

      18C’s the norm here at the moment and we’ve had a few 22C days. It’s still chilly at night.

      Have a great Easter!

      1. says:

        That is so horrific to read of the fate of the Greyhounds and Galgos. There is not a lot of Greyhound racing in Canada that I am aware of, but there must be some because I have heard of Greyhound adoptions that take place!

      2. says:

        I think it’s bad in the USA too. Canada not so sure. There are lots of organisations fighting against the racing or ones fighting for better care and providing fosters and adoptions when they’re ‘no longer of use or monetary value’. It’s sad and it’s also a fight against changing culture and traditions which many resist too. It makes me sad and angry too the way they’re treated.

  3. says:

    Cute bracelets and love the chickens!

    1. says:

      🙂 My sister does a chicken theme every Easter. She crossed stitched them on tea towels for a few years. I didn’t want to use them they were so pretty so are for wrapping up ice packs!

      1. says:

        I know what you mean. I have things I cross-stitched that I wish now I hadn’t used.

      2. says:

        I get you too. I look at the things she makes as art, so they don’t get used, even though she’d probably prefer they get used.

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