Friday Favs

I couldn’t resist snapping the fish off the pier running this morning, just being in the sun. The water looked so clear and inviting, I wanted to jump right in and cool off. Too bad, it was out of my depth league.


It reminds me of Monet’s Lili Pond. I never know how photographs will turn out running. Most of the time it’s pause, click, run. I do know that if I didn’t take as many, I’d have a faster pace! I’ve started to pause NikePlus, but find it doesn’t always kick back in immediately. Maybe I should this as a sign to concentrate on my actual run, not capturing moments.

Anyways, some my favourites this week.

Living Nature Firming Eye CreamIMG_8685

My philosophy is the money I save with DIY honey face scrubs and coconut oil eye make up remover goes towards eye cream and serum. Lately I’ve been using Living Nature Firming Eye Cream, a New Zealand brand containing manuka honey (the base of their range) and harakeke flax gel. It’s the first eye cream where I’ve noticed a continued difference. Around my eyes have looked smoother and felt hydrated. I’m already on my second tube. It’s certified natural, no synthetic ingredients with no animal testing or ingredients. The only only downside is that it’s hard to control how much comes out. You have to squeeze very, very gently to avoid having 2 days worth. A little goes a long way which may also explain why it’s only 10ml.


These two ladies have been whipping up Instagram fitness world the past two weeks. Full of fresh ideas and energy, I’ve already included some moves in my own workouts.

Friday Wednesday night at the moviesIMG_8666

Open air screening of Grease. That’s what summer’s all about!

In and Out moving planks

Works the whole body. In plank postion, jump arms and legs out to a wider plank (like a starfish), jump back to to plank repeat. This move can be taken forward like hop scotch with or without a ladder.


Finally a sofa, bed and storage thanks to Paul assembling them after they arrived flat packed this week.

Aj and DD

After weeks of yoga mats and blankets on the floor it makes me happy to see them sleeping on the sofa or bed. IMG_1780IMG_1783Honeysuckle


Summer’s own perfume! I caught it’s fragrance at the zoo this week late one afternoon. I love how flowers fragrances come alive in the warmer months especially in the evenings after a hot day like jasmine, lilacs and honeysuckle.

What have been your favourites this week? Have a great weekend!

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    Ooooohhh! I love honeysuckles!!! They also grow in turkey, and the smell always reminds me of summer vacations 🙂

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