Downtown Market and Salomon Run Barcelona

Coconut oil at the moment is somewhat a solid mush. That means one thing: Spring’s warming up! Sunset overlooking Barri Gotic Quarter, Barcelona from Maremagnum centre commercial

I hope you’re having a great week so far! This past weekend was a little more action packed that normal, so I’ll let the photos do most of the talking. 

Friday a run then made last entry for the zoo. They’ve been making lots of changes for the human visitors, new tarmac paths and a few safety barriers. But nothing will stop people sticking fingers through cages as I witnessed Sunday. Yes, I went 3 times last week. I needed greenery. 

Saturday’s plan was to cycle to collect race bibs and t shirts for Sundays’ Salomon Run Barcelona and pop by Downtown Market at the Maremagnum centre commercial on the way back. P ended up collecting the t shirts on the way back from his gym (motorbike’s easier!) while I did some Tone It Up workouts and snuck a 30 minute sun siesta on the balcony. First sun siesta of the year!

Yogi cat Aj

Late afternoon we cycled to Downtown Market a small market showcasing local designers and food trucks where I found up a gorgeous kimono for the summer from Kimonea. I kept going back to her stall and couldn’t stop admiring one of the salmon floral kimono jackets I knew would be great for the summer. Kimonos as I discovered last summer are a perfect alternative to cardigans. Cardigans can be too hot in the summer evenings when you just want to take the chill off. A kimono’s lightweight and adds colour pop to my white tops.

Vistas from the Maremagnum terrace level.

Up bright and early Sunday for the Salomon Run. 10km multi terrain run around Montjuic and thousands of steps. Okay hundreds but running the Palace steps which in their hundred’s, the hills of Montjuic, the Olympic Stadium steps, 100m of Olympic track and through part of Poble Espanyol (a replica ‘village’ of all different regional Spanish architecture) and then more steps which was fun seemed like thousands. More steps than last year. I didn’t beat last years time, I finished 3 minutes slower. My excuse I got stuck behind people suddenly stopping and walking up steps (I didn’t walk any- Spartan Training), at bottlenecks or just the sheer volume of people. Add my iPhone gets stuck on shuffle on the same artist then alphabetically which defeats being on shuffle. I’d lost my Apple EarPods in the week and was using a pair of P’s Beats earbuds which I can’t shuffle and the album it was stuck on was slow. I didn’t want to stop to sort it out and loose time so stuck with it, then at 6km all music cut out. My music then was everyone running. The only con I have about the race was waiting nearly an hour to collect our bags afterwards.

Peace/victory, when you don’t know how to pose

On the way back we stopped off of the first beach siesta of the year! Bliss!

P stayed in while I went to the zoo. I needed more greenery and the bike ride was like hair of the dog for my legs. I think all up running, cycling and walking was 40km.

Gazelle kindergartenBuddha Lemur. These 2 were back sunbathing.Scoops Owls. I felt a little sorry for their enclosure. I spotted about 7 owls and they haven’t got much room to fly about. Neither have their parakeet neighbours. 

One of the ports, Port Forum had 2 massive boat fires Sunday so naturally people wanted to know what was up, me included. About 3 boats sunk and 4 or 5 burnt out, a few more fire damage and clouds of smoke that could be seen all over the city. Thankfully nobody was injured.

How do you know Spring’s heating up?


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    Balcony and beach siestas sound so amazing. Hooray for warmer weather!

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      🙂 I didn’t mention however it’s cramped no the balcony and the breeze was a little touch and go to warmth!

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