Evening Primrose Oil

Nearly everybody knows evening primrose oil’s great for healthy hair, nails and skin thanks to being packed with fatty acids particularly GLA (gamma-linoleic acid), which has great healing properties. It can help ease eczema, help with PMS, bad period cramps, ease joint pain, may help acne and rosacea sufferers and even hair loss!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I’ve been taking evening primrose oil capsules for about 3 months after reading Chriselle Lim’s post 5 Ways To Look Younger Without Botox. She has amazing skin and she’s kind enough to share her secrets! If it works for her, I want in!

I remember I use to take it years ago and can’t remember why I stopped. Maybe it was because being a vegetarian back then, I couldn’t find gelatine free capsules. Nearly every supermarket and pharmacy here sells it, however I couldn’t find one brand that was gelatine free. I could only find one brand,  Health From The Sun online that was vegan friendly on iherb.com and ships to Spain, customs pending.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I take it with my multi vitamin before breakfast and as it takes about 3 months to see benefits it’s only just been in the last few weeks I’ve noticed changes!


I’ve always had weak slow growing nails. I used to bite them which didn’t help. They use to get to a certain length and break. A DIY manicure and pedicure was about every 2-3 weeks as they grew that slowly. The past few weeks, I’ve had to do my nails every week they’ve been growing that fast! They still prone to a little breakage, but are stronger and feel stronger. I’ve never liked feel of nail polish on my fingernails. I have a friend who says as I have fine hair, my nails are fine too, which might be a factor why I don’t like any polish on my fingernails. I still don’t like it. It feels heavy and my nails can’t breathe. Toe nails are completely different. They love polish and they’ve been growing stronger and faster too.


I’ve hardly had any nasty cystic spots, but then I avoid coffee which is a trigger for them with me and I’ve been using better skin products suited to my skin concerns so this one’s a little difficulty to answer. It doesn’t help pores, once they’re enlarged, there’s no going back. Wrinkles, fine lines, smiles lines I can’t say I’ve noticed much difference. My skin’s texture’s improved and overall my skin doesn’t feel as dry. I use a body lotion daily and I try to keep my water intake high, so again this one’s a little tricky to answer.

I haven’t had any eczema breakouts, but I’ve been avoiding foods I think break me out.


I get my hair cut every 3 months around the equinox’s and solstices or a full moon following lunar hair cuts as I want long hair! My hairdresser when I went last week commented it’s a lot stronger and in better condition. I’ve also been making efforts to ensure it doesn’t get damaged too much from cycling and running. It’s quite windy here and the wind can strip moisture out from my hair leaving it dull and dry. I wear a baseball cap with my hair in plait cycling (following her advice) and running it in a bun and cap. I also if I went swimming in the sea this summer did an overnight hair mask of coconut oil and sweet almond oil. I’ve noticed it’s been a lot stronger too. I’m not saying I suffer from hair loss, but in the summer months I shed a great deal of hair during shampooing brushing and combing, sometimes to the point I get concerned. As it appears to be every summer I try not to worry too much. Overall all my hair feels stronger and in better condition. Air dry styling skills can’t be said for the style.


This one’s unexpected! I’ve recently stopped using a mascara I thought was making them weak and short. Maybe it’s because I’ve stopped using it they recovered quickly and/or the evening primrose oil kicking in, they’re in much better condition, longer and maybe even a bit thicker. I’ve had to change how I apply eyeliner as it’s been a bit trickier as the lashes are longer and curlier! Nothing like the gains from lash serum, but for me better condition and longer. Longer lashes’s always a good thing!

Do you take evening primrose oil? What benefits have you seen from it? I’m on my 2nd bottle already!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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