Hair Update and 2nd Chance Konjac Sponge

I’d thought I’d share a quick update on my hairdressers advice for fine hair and sports.

When I got my hair trimmed 3 months ago, the wind had stripped more or less all moisture from my hair cycling leaving it looking raggedy. This past winter’s been exceptionally windy and though I wear a baseball cap cycling to avoid looking like I’ve been dragged through a bush backwards, she recommended cycling with it in a plait/braid. Running, this didn’t work for me, so running it’s up in a bun.IMG_8025 (1)

When I saw her a few weeks ago, despite it looking like it desperately needed a cut (I get it cut every 3 months around the Equinoxes, Solstices or full moon – lunar hair cuts), she instantly said it’s looking in much better condition and is stronger. Yay! I’d noticed there were less split ends and obviously less tangles. In fact no tangles. Double yay!

Healthy looking hair after the peluqueríaIMG_9643

Now it’s hot, it’s time for summer hair care. It’s still in a plait cycling, my braiding skills are still that of a 5 year old, it’s up in a bun running and now in a bun working out or dips in the sea. It’s too hot for a pony tail working out and the ends end up covered in sweat or I end up whipping my face in even more sweat. IMG_0344

In a in a bun ‘swimming’ decreases tangles (or rather I’m hoping it does). To avoid the salt drying it out, most nights I use an overnight mask of coconut oil and sweet almond oil (equal parts of both again up in a bun. It’s all about buns this summer!), which I’m hoping comebats the salt. Side note, it can gunk up the shower plug.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Konjac Sponge

This sponge is now being to pop in Europe. It’s a 100% natural sponge made from the konjac plant. It’s been used in Asia for eons as a face and body sponge that’s a great exfoliator while respecting the skin’s natural PH balance. Perfect for sensitive skin, babies or those with atopic dermatitis (ezcema etc). It’s generally dry that when wet expands and then when dry shrinks down. You replace it about every 2-3 months and can soak it in hot water it for a few minutes to disinfect it. In-between uses you hang it up to dry in a well ventilation area (I’m working on that. Diesel (cat) will probably see it as a play toy. Most come with a cotton thread  looped through for this.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I picked up a small face one up last in year in Sephora (okay, the Hot in Korea sticker may have swayed my buy) but found it did it’s job so efficiently cleansing, my nose started to peel. I was using it in the evenings only, but that was obviously too much. I later picked up from my local supermarket a much larger one designed for the body. The difference was this on was moist in the packet as it had been treated with purified water. It lay in the drawer until I read Organic is Beautiful post on her own konjac sponge experience and decided to give it a second chance.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I’ve been using it with my normal shower gel and haven’t experienced any dryness or irritation. My skin feels smoother and I noticed it’s great at removing SPF. Sunscreen can be difficult to remove. You can tell how efficient a sponge or face cloth is at removing sunscreen by running you nails across you skin. Leftover sunscreen residue will be visible under the nails. Normal sponges don’t seem to remove it and the only one I found that did were shower puffs, however they develop a slimy oily feel after 2 months despite machine washing. Unlike regular sponges and showers puffs it’s 100% biodegradable (you can even eat the plant! Well, not the sponges, but you can buy konjac noodles. 0 calories, fat, sugar, carbs and protein but is packed with fibre and vitamins! Konjac powder can be used as cornstarch alternative), is animal friendly so no animal testing and made from a renewable source! I’m still not convinced using one on my face, but as body sponge, it’s a keeper!

Have you tired a konjac sponge or noodles? The noodles are fiiiiling! Ladies, how do you keep your hair healthy training in the summer months? Please share!

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