January 2020 Wolf Moon

January’s Wolf Moon or to be precise February’s waxing Snow Moon was a little extra Special. I got to see the moon from the other side of the world! A Northern California and a Hawaiian Oahu moon. A moon so bright and clear in the lesser polluted skies of Hawaii. Even the stars seemed bigger and brighter. I won’t lie I didn’t want to leave Oahu (or California. Big slap in the face when back). As much as I love the mountains there’s something about the sea and ocean that draws me. If I’ve been inland a while seeing the sea and ocean I feel complete as much as I can if that makes sense.

Spanish Moon

New Years Day moon King’s Day Moon Wolf Moon

Oahu moon Earth shadow was a little different. I’m so used to Earth’s shadow from Southern Europe seeing it the other side of the world put me out a little! Almost straight away looking at its shadow, it ‘didn’t feel right’. Then I remembered what the sales assistant in Na Hoku Jewellers, San Fransisco said. We stayed there a few days before flying out*. Something drew me into the the store. I didn’t know it was Hawaiian (meant to be right?!). The sales lady, I think being herself Hawaiian, asked where we from and commented we look like we’re from the other side of the world. It would make sense Earth’s shadow on the moon would look different too. In the February’s Big Sur Snow Moon, I was where’s the moon?! It should be over the sea ocean rising to the left! It was strange seeing it reverse rising over the mountains on the ‘right’.

Most of the holiday vacay I used my shorter lens, hence not as clear, but I wanted to show the shadow differenceDSCF2380

January’s moon in Europe and North America is also know as the Old Moon, Ice Moon or Snow Moon. In Hawaiian its name depends on its current phase. All I know is for thousands of years people have looked up the moon, which in turn has inspired stories, controls the tides, aligned/ed menstrual cycles (which is maybe why the moon is always feminine energy), let farmers know when to plant crops, harvest crops, cut hair, grow hair, led raids under a full moon (which could be one reason why sometimes we can’t sleep near or on a full moon: encoded alertness!), guided sailors, fishermen, helped people travel, escape, maybe is real, maybe isn’t depending on your conspiracy and inspired dreams. Earth, the moon, our solar system and the universe we live in are all linked and it’s pretty amazing to be part of.

*Over the next few months there’ll be lots of posts about our trip! Apologies now if it gets too much 🙂

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