April 2020 Pink Moon

Even under lockdowns the moon’s still up in the sky watching over Earth. Imagine how many tales, secrets she could share and tell from being Earth’s constant companion. How many lost civilisations she could say they collapsed due to a pandemic as the nature took back cities?

DSCF5249Waning crescent

April’s full moon’s known as the Pink Moon as it coincides with the blooming of pink wild flowers. This year it was the 2nd super moon of 2020 and the first moon of spring! Egg Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, Budding Moon and Moon When The Geese Lay Eggs Moon are April’s full moon other names. Pink Moon is more magical.

Third quarter

This year due to the Covid-19 lockdown most moon shots are just the moon. No trees, buildings framing her. Apologies if they’re a little of the same and more. Thanks to a sea view I got to see some amazing moon rises as it rose a ball of orange over the horizon and moon ladders as night sea diamonds and sparkles lit up in its cool reflection.

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March 2020 Super Full Worm Moon

While half of March’s moon cycle I was housebound on Covid-19 lockdown, I’m lucky enough to have a sea view of sunrises and moonrises. Just as the sun at sunrise is a ball of hot pink coming over the horizon, the moon rises in a ball of flaming orange as she takes over the night sky depending on her cycle.

March’s moon takes its name from earthworms and grubs emerging from their winter’s “sleep'” as the ground thaws marking just one sign of Spring’s arrival. Imagine how many tales and secrets she could tell from being our constant companion up in the sky. How many wars, famines, viruses, life cycles, rebirth, changes the Earth has been through. She’s been up there watching it all without spilling anything. This year’s Worm Moon is a super moon as the moon’s a little closer to Earth. It’s the first of 3 this year, with April and May’s super full moons to come! Other March moon names include Crow, Sap, Crust and Sugar Moon. Continue reading “March 2020 Super Full Worm Moon”

February 2020 Snow Moon

February’s Snow Moon was a little special for the same reason Januarys’ Wolf Moon. I got to see it from the other side of the world! Oahu, Hawaii and the Big Sur, California!

Famed with trees like a two stag beetle stand off. Or spider. Pfeiffer Beach California

I’m not sure why I or us humans like the moon. Maybe like the sun it’s its constant yet ever changing predictable presence. Maybe it’s connection to nature. Maybe as its inspired thousands of stories. Maybe it’s its mystery. Maybe it’s because the night isn’t so dark, there’s light and light always triumphs the dark.

Anyways don’t forget to look up into the sky! Both the night and day sky and dream big!

Oahu Moon. In traffic the power lines caught my eye. Only later I noticed the moon! Okay, I know this is a bad shot, however as you’ll see in the next photoIt was only two days between the two shots. Five hours apart by plane. Two locations on Earth, difference perspective. Here a Big Sur Continue reading “February 2020 Snow Moon”

January 2020 Wolf Moon

January’s Wolf Moon or to be precise February’s waxing Snow Moon was a little extra Special. I got to see the moon from the other side of the world! A Northern California and a Hawaiian Oahu moon. A moon so bright and clear in the lesser polluted skies of Hawaii. Even the stars seemed bigger and brighter. I won’t lie I didn’t want to leave Oahu (or California. Big slap in the face when back). As much as I love the mountains there’s something about the sea and ocean that draws me. If I’ve been inland a while seeing the sea and ocean I feel complete as much as I can if that makes sense.

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Blood Moon

I read somewhere that around a full moon we sleep less. One theory it’s a throw back to our cave wo/men ancestors being more alert against the threat of predators using moon light to their advantage.

If this is true, it explains why I was wide awake for last nights Blood Moon lunar eclipse. I was tired yet couldn’t sleep, was restless, yet full of energy. When 4am, near the peak of the eclipse finally came, I grabbed my camera, front bike light, my glasses, keys and made my way up to the apartment building roof.

First thing that hit me as I stepped out onto the terrace was a sky full of stars and an autumn nights chill. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky! The area I live in, is in a part of the city with less light pollution. Thanks to the building being high (16 floors) it felt like the building was in a clear sky bubble with the hazy purple city light glow around the edges. The big dipper was out and thanks to actually wearing my glasses for once, I could make out clusters of stars and probably other constellations I’ve heard of and really should make an effort to learn. I hadn’t seen so many stars in the night sky in ages! There’s no way in this universe we’re the only living planet with that many suns.

This is the only good photo I got. There’s a reason why people use tripods! I ended up resting my elbows on an air con unit as a tripod! It also took some guess work as to which auto focus target thingy to use and have patience with the shutter speed. I think I stood there grinning like an idiot, looking up in awe for about 20 minutes until I spooked myself and ran back to the safety of the cats! Blood Moon 2015

If it had happened around Halloween, my mind would have been in hyperdrive playing tricks. Or maybe that’s just my imagination anyway. It wasn’t the blood moon, it was the terrace and the silence of the night that spooked me! I’m completely find working out on the roof terrace during the day!

Moonrise earlier over the Mediterranean Sea Blood Moon Moonrise 2015

It’s been a great year for super moons, partial solar eclipses and watching Mars and Jupiter dance with each other. We get so wrapped up in day to day stuff we forget to look up. Look up every now and then and I’m going to be cliche, Louis Armstrong got it right, we really do live in a wonderful world!

Did you get to see the blood moon or did clouds get in the way?